Character- Scarlet Lotus
scarlet lotus

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

Other Pictures: Scarlet Lotus full body

Real Name: Naomi Sakurai
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown/scarlet
Height: 5 foot 5 inches (1.70 m)
Age: 25
Country of Origin: Japan

Ethical alliance: Good

Sexual preference: Men, but has a weakness for intellectual guys and ones that wear glasses.


Naomi was trained from infancy in the ways of the Ninja arts under the tutelage of the Lotus Clan. Her entire childhood and adolescence was dedicated to perfecting her skills. As a result, her social skills are lacking as is her knowledge of general culture.

The turning point in her life occured when she saw her best friend Bella, also known as Dead Mistress, murder her parents before her eyes. Naomi brought into question the life she had led and swore that she would avenge them, before seeking redemption for her actions.

She now lives as a hero for hire, offering her services to different nations, cities, or organizations to make money and help people.

Early in her new life, she had felt the need to learn different trades and professions in order to survive. She is now using these skills primarily as a cover for her secret identity.


Martial arts: Trained from infancy by the Lotus Clan in various martial arts, she is a master of many different fighting styles, and is an experienced fighter who switches her fighting style to  adapt to the opponent she faces.

She is also exceptionally skilled with swords.

Accuracy: Adept at ranged combat, trained in the use of kunai and shuriken, and an excellent shot regardless of disadvantageous conditions.

Chakra Mastery:
Born with a natural gift for handling chakra and spiritual energy, she can channel it into different forms.

Stealth: She is an expert at hiding her presence and moving undetected.

Psychic strength:  
She can focus her own spirit and concentrate her energy into a specific point in her body or an object in her hand making it stronger or more destructive. However, prolonged or  excessive use of this energy quickly drains her vitality.

Energy sensing: Can perceive energy of all kind (human, animal, natural, spiritual, etc) which allows her to discover the intentions of people, their feelings, and even anticipate their movements. 

She must be careful with the use of this ability though, because her own mind and emotions are affected by the energy she perceives.

Cross dimensional travel: Via meditation, she is able to enter the world of dreams, the astral plane, and the spiritual plane. 

Toxin resistance:
 As part of her training, she was exposed to different toxins which have resulted in her having an enhanced resistance to poisons and other drugs, but she is not immume.

Weaknesses: Her training gives her a greater resistance than that of an ordinary human from strikes but nothing superhuman. Her body is vulnerable to all kinds of weapons and falls.

Her energy sensing can act as a double-edged sword. Being a passive skill, her mind and emotions are vulnerable to some extent, and a distraction or lack of concentration can  be exploited to influence her mind and spirit.

Renouncing the ways of a ruthless killer, she adopted a code of honor. She will not kill unless absolutely necessary, and will always face her victim giving them opportunity to  defend against her.

She also suffers from arachnophobia ever since a spider-spirit attacked her as a young girl.

Paraphernalia: She carries two katanas, but usually only wields one. Few have seen her used both and lived to tell the tale.