Character- Silver Flame
Silver Flame

Created by: Sacador de Vuelta 

First appearance: Silver Flame #1

Other Pictures: Silver Flame full body

Real Name: Sergio Figueroa
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Age: 20
Country of Origin: Chile

Ethical alliance: Good


Silver Flame was a failed experiment for the army. His genetic code had been infused with x-genes which were to give him virtually any power and make him the most powerful of soldiers, however, his anger took the better of him and it prematurely ignited the fire gene. When this happened, all other genes went dormant and the experiment failed.

Sergio escaped and fled to a populated city in order to hide from his pursuers but his values (possibly implanted on him) turned him in the local hero who fights against crime while trying to keep one step ahead of the army who wants him back.

He later learned that the x-genes in him could still be of some use when he infected a close friend and granted him one of his stored powers.


Fire blast: He can release tremendous heat, blasts of fire and fireballs from his body. He can also breathe fire like a dragon.

Enhanced vision: His thermal vision enable him to detect things or people by their heat. 

Power endowment: Although he cannot use the other powers within him, he can infect people and grant them a random power. 

Healing Factor: Perhaps a side effect of the x-genes, he can heal at an accelerated rate.

Weaknesses: Cold: With the absence of heat he lose his powers.

Any setative: His power comes from the emotions. If he's calm and peaceful he will not able to use his powers.

Trauma: From his painful experience as an experiment of the army, he has a phobia of hurting or killing others.

Amnesia: He doesn't remember his life before the experiments.

Paraphernalia: Wears a heat proof suit and sometimes carry molotov bombs which he simply needs to ignite.