Character- Smoke Signal 
Smoke Signal

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 

First appearance:
Irongate Universe #8

Real Name: Steve Thompson
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10"
Age: 28

Born in: USA
Ethical alliance: Good


Steve was a Smokejumper in the Wildland firefighter division of southern Oregon near Creator Lake. One day, he and his team were called into action to fight a historical fire outside of Medford. Eight men parachuted in, but only two walked out. Steve was one of those men.

The full story is classified by the US Government, but rumor has it that the fire was started by an entity believed to be Tezcatlipoca, an Aztec god.

The god held a mirror from which smoke emanated. He laughed as he ripped the gas masks off the firefighters and watched them succumb to the toxic air engulfing them, but he made one mistake. Steve had landed a few hundred feet away from the other Smokejumpers, and the Aztec god had not yet seen him. Steve could barely see the presence in the foglike surroundings, but he followed the sounds of laughter and came upon him.

When Tezcatlipoca saw him coming, he directed his smoking mirror at him, but Steve lunged towards him and wrestled him down. The Aztec god ripped his helmet off, but Steve would not let go and fought with what little breath he had left.

Just as the smoke was about to do him in, Steve swung wildly and hit Tezcatlipoca's smoking mirror, breaking it. The god panicked as he realized that the object that kept him in this realm had been destroyed. In a last ditched effort to remain here, he poured his essence into Steve, thinking he could control his body when Steve passed out, but he was wrong. 
Steve never lost control or consciousness.

Tezcatlipoca had no choice but to return to his own realm, a part of him, however, had stayed behind. By winning a battle against a god, Steve had claimed a prize. He now had the power to control and create smoke.

Steve used the power he had gained to dissipate the smoke around him and rescue his crew, but alas, only one firefighter was saved that day.

After his debrief, the US Government approached him. They told him that his new abilities could be put to good use if he were to become a member of the Unbelievable Superhuman Alliance. Steve was a patriot. He wanted to help his country, so he accepted their offer. He took on the code name Smoke Signal.


Pyrolysis: Steve's bond to 
Tezcatlipoca enables him to create smoke without making the fire that fuels it. He can direct the smoke and control it.

Conceal: By filtering its toxic chemicals, he can use the smoke as an effective, harmless smoke screen.

Flight: He is able to make smoke clouds that can carry him and enable him to fly.

Poison: He can use the full toxicity of the smoke to poison or even kill.