Character- Snow Crystal
Snow Crystal

Created by: Brooklyn Jackson-O'dell via Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: Snow Crystal with Direwolf

First appearance: 
IronGate Universe #6


Real Name: Luan Zeiser
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 4 inches
Age: 14

Born in:  Norway

Ethical alliance: Good


After the Norwegian government decided to reinforce its policy towards fighting climate change, a local organization who believes climate change is not a threat, decided to send the government a message by kidnapping Norwegian princess Luan. Her family had supported that policy and was deemed as guilty as those who had enforced it. 

The organization known as H.E.T.S (Humans Evolving To Survive) believes that climate change is natural and fighting it is a mistake. The solution is not in stopping it from progressing, but rather in changing humanity so that it would follow along. 

H.E.T.S had been working on the solution and had begun having limited success. Their solution was simple. If the world was getting warmer, then humans would need to learn how to generate a better tolerance to that heat.

Luan became one of their latest test subjects. She was exposed to cold and freezing temperatures and injected with a chemical cocktail. The experiments were made to increase a human's heat regulating system so that they could tolerate higher temperatures. It was also a very painful process which to Luan, felt more like torture.

Luan was in agony and prayed for someone to come rescue her. Little did she know that her rescuer walked on four legs.

Luan heard screams as the guards were attacked by what looked like a wolf. Except that this wolf was huge. She recognized it as something out of legends. It was a Direwolf.

Where had it come from? Had it heard her prayers or had it been sent by someone? Now was not the time to ask these questions, she thought. All that mattered was getting out of here. And as if it had heard her, the Direwolf came to her and bit through her restraints.

As it was busy setting her free. The Direwolf did not see the gunman that had taken aim at it but Luan had. She screamed a warning and pointed at the gunman. Then, something strange happened. The gunman literally froze in place. He was encassed in solid ice.

Luan was now free but unable to walk. She was too weak but the wolf allowed her to get on its back and brought her to safety.

The Direwolf brought her to the edge of town and Luan called her parents. When the authorities showed up, the wolf went back to hide in the wilderness but a connection was established between it and Luan. The two would continue to join forces.

When Luan got home, she tried to keep most of what had happened to her a secret. The only obvious sign that something tragic had happened was that her hair was now white as snow.


Weather control: Snow Crystal has the power to lower the temperature in the area surrounding her and can cause ice storms.

Cryokinetics: She can freeze the moisture in the air and turn it to ice. She can freeze the moisture surrounding someone en encase them in ice.

Martial arts: She has been trained in hand-to-hand combat.

Weaknesses: Excessive heat and lack of water vapors.

She has a staff through which she channels her powers.