Character- StarJack

Created by: Ken Merritt

Other Picture: StarJack full body
                      StarJack in action        
                      StarJack in action2
                      StarJack in action3

Real Name: Jackson Tyler
Hair: Brown/Onyx
Eyes: Brown/Glowing orange when powered up
 5 foot 9 inches
Age: 30
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Jackson Tyler was your everyman, just a working class nobody until one night, while on a date with his girl friend Dianna, he witnessed a meteorite fall to Earth. He went to inspect it, but his girlfriend pleaded with him to leave it alone.

Jack ignored her warnings and approached the smoldering space rock. As he reached out his hand to the stone, he felt a presence take hold of him and then there was a flash of blinding energy.

Jack awoke hours later a thousand miles from where he and Dianna were standing. He was disoriented and couldn't recall what had happened but during his bus ride home, he learned that a massive explosion has devastated his town.

Conflicted by the fact that he believes he is responsible for the tragedy, Jack tries to reach his friends and family but when he approaches the outskirts of his town, the military has it under quarantine. They refuse to let him or anyone access to it. 

Jack forces his way through the blockade but soldiers give him chase and eventually surround him. As they try to restrain him, Jack's new powers manifest.  

Seeing their captive transform into a being of energy, the soldiers gripped with fear, retaliate with force. Jack panics, as much from his transformation as for the soldiers' actions, and intinctively lets loose his power, accidentally killing most of the servicemen present.

Distraut with what he has done, Jack flies off into space. In the solitude of the cosmos, he tries to come to terms with what has happened to him. The presence he felt is still there, somewhere, but it is elusive, yet through it he understands that the meteorite had been more than just a rock. It was a renmant of creation, a cosmic anomaly that had somehow made its way to him. It had filled him with power, but that power was also a curse.

In order to protect Earth from his actions, Jack decides to leave. Maybe he will find his answers out there.


Energy absorption: StarJacks molecules have been hyper ionized and now act like an unconscious energy sponge taking in all ambient energies, sunlight, kinetic, heat, and so fourth converting it and storing it.

Super strength: The stored energy provides Jack with virtually unlimited stamina and strength.

Invulnerability: The energy within him renders him practically invulnerable to any type of physical harm.

Self sustaining: Jack can convert his entire being into pure Ionic energy in this form he no longer ages or requires food, air or water.

Star travel: Jack can survive unprotected in the absolute vacuum of space indefinitely and can achieve speeds that enable him to enter warped space and travel to other stars.

Energy blast: He can produce concussive or heated blasts or ionic energy strong enough to destroy a small moon.

Levitation: His ionic structure also allows him a certain degree of autokinesis allowing him to consciously levitate himself and anything he touches.

Enhanced reflexes: He also possesses a heightened reaction time enabling him to react at excessive speeds

Weaknesses: Jack's main weakness is himself and the weight of guilt he feels. He doesn't trust his powers as they can react violently to his emotions. He feels he is a danger to anyone around him and doesn't really want the responsibility that has been thrust on him.

Polarized ionic restraints seem to at least dampen his sponging ability but don't completely disable it.