Character- Street Justice
Street Justice

Created by:  
Rodney and Phylicia Lockett

Other Pictures:

First appearance: 
Upcoming issue of American Alliance

Real Name: Kecia Sampson
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Age: Undisclosed

Nationality:  USA

Ethical alliance: Good


When her powers first manifested, Kecia had little control over them and it did not take long for her parents to learn about them. Not wanting a freak as a daughter, she was kicked out of the house. She lived on the streets for years begging for money, doing odd jobs but she refused to do what other "street kids" did. She would not steal, do drugs or sell herself.

Instead, she lived day by day, hiding behind her illusions to avoid the gangs, who sought out those who were unfortunate to cross their path. But sometimes, Kecia had to sleep. She had not yet learned how to control her illusions when she slept, and one night, it proved nearly fatal.

She was attacked by some street kids who beat her down and left her near death. She survived the beating and was found by a woman who took her in. She had been an army nurse and used her training to treat her wounds. When Kecia got better, the nurse told her that she could stay as long as she wanted so Kecia stayed...three years.

One day while Kecia was out of town, her "adopted mother" was attacked and killed during a break in. Kecia was fraught with grief and decided to find out who had done it. Using her illusions and pretending to be a detective, she started her own investigation only to find out that the street kids that had beaten her to near death years earlier had been responsible. They weren't kids anymore. They had become hardened criminals.

Kecia felt a rage like never before and used her illusions to settle the score. The gang members shot one another, thinking they were shooting cops who wanted to arrest them.

After that day, Kecia took the name Street Justice, and used her abilities to help people and stop criminals.


Illusion: Street Justice has the ability to create illusions. In fact, no is quite sure if her current appearance is even what she really looks like.

Psychic strength: She has mastered her powers to the point that even asleep she can maintain her illusion. It is unknown, however, whether the illusion would be maintained, were she to fall into a coma.

Sensory control: Her illusions are so real that they can actually affect people's senses and fool them into believing the illusions have smells or even sounds.