Character- Strength and Weakness


Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 
Strength and Weakness

First appearance:

Real Name: Keisha Johnson and Jacoby Johnson  
Hair: Brown (both)
Eyes: Black (both)
Height: 6 foot 3 inches (Strength)/5 foot 7 inches (Weakness)
Age: 22 (both)

Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Keisha and Jacoby are twins. Their ordeal started while the two were in their mother's womb and Keisha's umbilical cord got injured. As it tried to repair itself, her chord fused with that of her brother's. Keisha managed to survive by tapping into her brother's umbilical cord and as the two grew, so did her dependence on him.

The twins became as one and Keisha's drain on her brother increased. The constant leeching caused his body to adapt and find other means to replenish what he was losing, but the only available source for him to tap into was their mother.

The drain was too much for her, and she did not survive. She died in labor and the twins became wards of the state.

When the twins were born, their dependency did not cease and one could not survive without the other, but the toll fell mainly on Jacoby. His sister was feeding on him constantly and Jacoby's need to stay alive forced his powers to grow more readily.

The twins were eventually adopted but by the age of 9, their powers began to manifest themselves in more severe ways.

Needing to get rid of the twins but also seeing the potential for financial gain, their adoptive parents decided to sell them on the black market. They were bought by a weapons dealer who, upon witnessing the children's abilities, realized he had a means to create a powerful weapon.

What little humanity the twins once had was beaten out of them. The only emotional bond the two were allowed to keep was the one they had for each other but the reason that bond was allowed to grow was not out of kindness for their well-being. That bond was used to control them. As long as they believed the other would be harmed, the twins complied.

But all this ended the day they were to be sold as living weapons. They were told to provide a demonstration of their abilities to potential buyers and the twins promised their owner to make a proper spectacle. And they did not disappoint.

Unfortunately for everyone present, that demonstration was the last they were to see. The twins united their powers and as Jacoby drained all the attendants' strengths, his sister fed on that power and killed everyone in the room.

Calling themselves Strength and Weakness, they chose a life of crime to survive.



Super strength: She possesses a base strength of 50 tons, but it can increase considerably when her brother feeds her. On average, her strength increases by 10 tons for every person her brother drains.

Energy drain: Strength has the ability to drain energy from her brother but not from anyone else.

Symbiotic: Strength's power is dependent on her brother's life energies. Although unconfirmed, it is possible she could not survive if he were killed.


Energy drain: Unlike his sister, Weakness can drain the strength energy from any living thing. The closer he gets to them, the weaker the person or animal becomes until they reach a point where they can't even stand.

Constant proximity to his victims can render them so weak that they lose the strength to breathe.

Symbiotic: He has a symbiotic relationship with his sister.

Limitations: Strength reverts to her base strength level of 50 tons if she doesn't get a power surge from her brother.

Strength is constantly draining energy from Weakness but especially so when in close proximity. 

Weakness can get very weak if he cannot drain someone's energy to sustain himself and his sister.

It is unknown whether Weakness could survive without his sister although presumably, he should.