Character- Super Fantastic Girl
Super Fantastic Girl

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture:
Super fantastic Girl full body

First appearance:
IronGate Universe #4

Real Name: Anakin (Ana) Locklear
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Age: 24

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Anakin was born a native son of the Chickasaw tribe whose father was the shaman. Early on, he knew he was different. The other boys in school had interests he did not share and he found himself gravitating towards the girls during recess.

His mother had noticed his behavior at an early age but had kept it to herself. Her husband was a proud man and she didn't know how he would react to learning his child was possibly gay. She had wanted to talk to her son about her suspicions but had never dared breech the subject. Had she done so, Anakin's questions about why he was feeling the way he felt could have been answered. Still, in time, the answers did come.

It happened during the Pow Wow festival. Anakin was one of the participants and while dancing at the rhythm of the drums, he was taken by a vision. The Chikasaw God Inki Abu also known as Aba Binili approached him and gave him the answers he had sought. Inki Abu told Anakin that his days of deceit needed to be cast away in order for him to find solace and peace. He needed to embrace who he really was and follow the path before him.

That night, Anakin told his parents that he was leaving and told them the truth about himself; that he had never been a boy and that he was leaving to search his true self.

It was many years later that a 
transgendered Anakin returned but now he had become Ana. His transformation was a shock at first, but once they got passed the obvious changes, his parents could see that he was still their child. The same, however, could not be said for the rest of the tribe.

Worried for his new daughter's safety, Ana's father started to research the old scrolls to see if there was something he could do to protect her and found the Spell of Transfusion. This ritual had never been successful before but he reasoned that since his daughter had transformed herself with Inki Abu's blessing, this time it might work. If the ritual did work, his daughter would be able to take on new transformations by acquiring the abilities of animals.

Knowing his daughter would not willingly do the ritual, he performed it while she slept. The ritual finished, his daughter woke up screaming and ran out the house. She immediately knew that something in her had changed when she found herself miles from home and barely out of breath.

When she returned, her father explained what he had done and Ana was not pleased. She feared people would now think of her as a freak but her father reassured her. He told her that Inki Abu did not give these gifts to just anyone and that he must have seen great things in her heart to allow for the ritual to succeed.

Ana did not want to insult Inki Abu by refusing his gifts so decided that she would embrace them. She began to train with the best fighters in the tribe and when she felt she was ready, she took the name Super Fantastic Girl and started to use her powers for good and to help people.


Spiritual magic: Through the power of the God Inki Abu, Ana can tap into the abilities of animals.

Animal abilities: Ana can use the characteristics of two animals at a time and change them instantly.

Physical resistance: She can increase her skin density by taking the ability of a shelled animal.

Flight: Using the ability of a bird enables her to fly and by summoning the Peregrine falcon, she can reach speeds of 200 mph.

Super strength: Her strength can vary as it depends on which animal she has summoned but her peak strength is at about 2.5 tons.

Speed: Her running speed is about 60 mph. She uses cheetah mode for sprinting and antelope mode for long distance runs.

Underwater breathing: She can also take on the abilities of water animals, thus enabling her to swim and dive for extended periods. Using the Sailfish skill she can swim at speeds of 68 mph.

Weaknesses: She lacks self confidence and still worries about what people think of her.