Character- Swarm

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Swarm by Gilbert Monsanto     

Real Name: Maxwell Turner
Hair: Black
Eyes: brown
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Age: 44

Born in: Australia
Occupation: President of MaxCorp/Apiarist

Base of operations: Sydney, Australia

Ethical alliance: Evil


Maxwell, an apiarist, was inspecting his bee hive when the randomite seizures took him. Since he was simply doing a routine observation of his stacks, he had not been wearing his protective suit and that had proven to be a mistake. 

He started convulsing and dropped the hive box he was inspecting before falling on top of it. The queen bee was crushed in the process and the hive went wild. Maxwell was stung hundreds of times but was too busy convulsing to really notice it. He passed out.

When he regained consciousness, the first he heard was the drone of thousands of bees around him. He opened his eyes and found that he was covered by a blanket of bees. He started to panic but quickly realized that he was in no pain. In fact, he felt quite good. He felt at peace. He slowly got up and carefully brushed the bees off his face. The bees simply moved aside but did not fly off. 

Maxwell saw the broken hive and re-assembled it. When it was done, he half-jokingly told the bees to return to it, which they did. Maxwell was now free of them and inspected his body. There were hundreds of tiny pricks on his skin, but no swelling. He had survived the ordeal with barely any ill effects. The next day, all signs of physical trauma had disappeared.

Maxwell returned to his routine work but soon noticed that he had changed. The bees of his hive were obedient to all his wishes. They moved when he told them to, and he began to test them. He asked them to form shapes and patterns and like a well-behaved army, they did so spontaneously, as if he was their queen.

A few weeks later, he received a visit from one of his competitor. They wanted to take his farm and add it to their own. Maxwell had told them many times that he was not interested, but they persisted and sometimes even threatened. This was one such time. 

Maxwell was cornered by the trio of enforcers that had been sent to convince him, but before they had the chance to cause him any harm, Maxwell was covered in bees bent on protecting him. The trio backed away slowly, not wanting to get stung.

But Maxwell had to teach them a lesson. He had each stung by one of his bees. The three screamed and swore. Then Maxwell told them to leave and not return, and they obeyed instantly.

Maxwell was stunned by the lack of resistance they offered so asked them to stop, which they did. He came up to the largest of the three and stood face to face. The thug just stared back. Maxwell slapped his face and the thug did not flinch, nor did his two cohorts.

When he asked them to turn around, he saw that the bees he had sent to sting them were still stuck to them. They had not flown off after having stung them. They had simply anchored themselves to their host, and now, Maxwell realized he could control the men as easily as he controlled the bees. 

It did not take long for Maxwell to take over his competitor's enterprise. Within a month, he had total control of every employee. A month from now, he would control even more and in time, he and his swarm would control the world.


Symbiotic: Swarm is closely linked to his hives and his bees regard him as their queen. He is intimately connected with his hives and can feel the death of each individual. 

Mind control/Persuasion: By having drones attach themselves to hosts, he can control the hosts as he would his drones.

Heightened senses: 
He can also see and smell beyond humanly possible. His bees are his eyes and ears.

Super strength: His physical strength enables him to lift over 100 times his own weight, estimating it at around 10 tons.

Healing factor: His bees can produce a type of honey possessing highly recuperative properties. When he is injured in combat, the bees apply the substance as needed.

Toxin resistance: He has a high resistance to most poisons and toxins.

Paraphernalia: Swarm carries bee hives on his belt. 
He uses his army of bees as weapons.

Main antagonists: black sting  vipera