Team- Section 12
Current Members : 

Batter  Miss Fire  Nite Fall  Stand-In  Whitney Thorne  Wunderpro

Team founder: Whitney Thorne

Official team leader: Batter

Membership:  Open to new members

Created by:
Len Mihalovich
First appearance:


Section 12 of the East Bay research center is really a Government top secret government facility designed to keep scientific failures out of the public eye. The project's unique and somewhat reluctant "Retrieval Team" is comprised of super-powered beings blackmailed to work for the government.

Every year millions of dollars are given in scientific grants by governments all over the world. This money is used to further research and the quality of life for mankind as a whole. We celebrate scientific break-throughs and make celebrities out of these top-tier scientists that make our lives better. However for every success story there are hundreds of failures. We never hear about the failed projects and the strange results these experiments produce.

Membership requirements: Being the subject of a failed scientific experiment.