Character- The  Ace
The Ace

Created by: Paul Monsky

Other Picture: 
The Ace

First appearance:

Other appearances: 
Vavavavoom! #2, #3

Real Name: Sofia Piñero
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'8"
Age: 24

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Sofia Piñero was an extraordinarily bright child growing up. She is the daughter of a police officer in Puerto Rico! She is one of those people who, for whatever reason, are just ultra-intelligent. Sofia graduated from high school early and finished her Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University at age 22. She is currently working on her PhD in Physics, and her thesis relates to electromagnetism and antigravity.

Using principles of magnetism and antigravity, she eventually designed a breakthrough device to create a force field. Sofia decided to use this device as a tool and become a crime fighter. Not because of any personal tragedy or horrible experience. Rather, as a scientist, she believes in an ordered environment and societal order. She has a need for preventing behaviour which goes against the rules and causes havoc with the way things “should” be. Society is full of havoc.

Sofia has a fantastic body and works to keep it spectacular by working out and being a martial arts student, but she usually dresses with the intent to play down her attributes in her civilian guise. The reasons are several; a complex about her attractiveness, a lack of confidence, a shyness about socializing, and a modesty about her accomplishments. However, Sofia prefers to view it as preventing people from realizing that she is the bombshell superhero.

Conversely, for her crime fighting activities, she has chosen a costume that accentuates her physical attributes. In a way, she's play-acting as the strong, confident, bombshell she always imagined she would become as a young girl. She also makes quips and jokes as the Ace, mimicking the action heroes of film and TV.

Oddly, her heroic persona is becoming more and more her personality in her civilian guise, as it has acted almost as therapy for her insecurities.


Power accessory: 
 Sofia has designed a breakthrough device that operates using principles of magnetism and antigravity to create a force field around her body. 

Force field: Her device enables her to created fields of force that can be used defensively as well as offensively.

Physical resistance: The speed of force directed against her is slowed by the force-field to no more than 25 miles an hour on impact. An example of the result is that bullets might leave a small bruise but are not travelling at sufficient speed to penetrate her skin. Other force directed against her is similarly affected, which makes it difficult for anybody trying to overpower her with fists or projectiles.

Enhanced vitals (strength): The force-field also has a reverse effect. The power of her blows is increased because of the force-field repelling her target.

Super jump: A curious side effect of the repelling nature of her invention is that she can run faster and jump higher because of the increased repelling force against the ground. Her landings after jumping are also softened due to the nature of the force-field being emitted.

Weaknesses: Gas, oxygen-deprivation, sustained force being directed against her, such as employing grappling or wrestling holds where her opponent is continuously applying pressure to overcome the repelling effect of her invention.

Paraphernalia: She wears metal bracelets on each wrist. These house her invention, and are the source of her personal force field. She also has other gadgets, such as a retractable blade in her boot and tools kept in hidden pockets in her sash.