Character- Karen, the Summoner
Karen the summoner

Created by: Karen Gaianni
Karen and wolf summon:
Karen the summoner

Other Pictures:
     Karen the Summoner in action

Real Name: Karen Gaianni
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Green
5 foot 4 inches (1.62 m)
Age: 26
Born in: Solace, a city of Gaia (alternate realm)

Ethical alliance: Good


Long pink hair, green emerald eyes that may charm the bravest heroes and champions around her, beautiful silhouette, sweet voice similar to the songs of the mermaids of the sea, a golden heart and brave spirit that never give up against any challenge in front of her. She is Karen Gaianni, an elf from Solace, the forgotten town. It was after the appearance of the Great Horn that Karen was exiled.

Why she was exiled from that place? Because she has a gift, a powerful gift that her people fear. She has the gift to summon strange creatures from other realms. She has the power to call powerful beasts to protect her from any harm or from those who try to take advantage of her. A power that she is learning to control. She is a Summoner, one of the last sorcerers wielding that kind power.

Her abilities appeared when she was just a young girl. At first she could only summon small tricky imps and fairies to play with her, creatures that didn't harm the ones around her. Yet they were scary beings and the people began to fear the young elf.

As she grew older, the power of her summons increased and she began to lose her friends. Even her father abandonned her, saying that she was a cursed child.

It was at adulthood that the true potential of her powers triggered without warning. A massive horned beast appeared at the outskirts of Solace. The beast crushed anything at its path, leveling the city and bringing fear to all the citizens.

Karen was blamed for that. They said that she was the one who had summoned that titan, yet she denied that. But her words were not enough, even her mother didn't believe her and then at that moment, she was exiled.

Karen felt sad and afraid to be alone. Every thing feared her. Even the animals of the forest stayed far away, as the aura of her power made the fauna afraid of her. Despair began to fill her heart. Had she really summoned Great Horn? She was sure she had not. Perhaps her powers had attracted the monster. If animals and people could sense her, maybe the Great Horn had too. Had it been afraid of her powers and had sought to destroy her as it had her town? Perhaps...

Perhaps she was alone, and would continue to be so for some time. But Karen would not give up. Instead she decided to master her abilities. She would become a Summoner able to control and call on the greatest mythos of the realms. Then she would never be alone. For the creatures she summoned would be her friends. They would help her and protect her.

Eventually her quest leads her to meet the most powerful monster allies. Faithful partners that joined her in her adventures.


Magic: Karen has the magical ability to summon creatures from other realms.

Karen can summon various creatures to aid her in her quest.

Elemental magic: Her summoned creatures grant Karen many magical powers.

Reki and Geri, the two winter wolves, her loyal guardians can freeze the souls of Karen's foes. The phantom wolves can bring the cold ice of the north winds to those who threaten the pink haired elf.

Raiko, the magnificent Tiger made of pure lightning, absolute energy that can shock anyone around him. He can also paralyze the most powerful rivals of the summoner.

Golem, the mighty wall that protects Karen from harm. He is the absolute shield, the perfect defense capable of covering Karen from any kind of damage.

Viper, the flame serpent, whose fangs can burn anything in reach. The one whose coils can suffocate the air from Karen's enemies.

These four creatures are her loyal guardians, whom she can conjure at any time.

Other elemental spirits she has summoned are fire, wind, water, earth, nature, the lunarian, the light and the dark. 

Weaknesses: Her weaknesses are the usual of normal beings. She is not immune against any kind of attacks.

Paraphernalia: She wields a magical staff that enhances her magical abilities and she carries a whip.