Character- Thorn

Created by: Greg Bryant (Saber4734)

Other pictures: Thorn full body 
                          Thorn in action

Name: Antonio Caballero
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Hair: Brown
Age: 25
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Neutral


He was born Antonio Caballero. Unfortunately his powers manifested while still inside the womb. As a result of this, his mother died while giving birth. His father was struck with horror and as he was about to kill his newborn son, there was a blinding flash and Antonio was gone.

That flash was Strobe. She was only 7 years old when she found Antonio but she took him in and raised him. Covered in what looked and felt like thorns, Strobe named him Thorn, and the name stuck. Literally!


Natural armor: Embedded in his skin musculature and covering his body are hundreds of modified quills, coated with a thick protein, so tough, that extreme heat and time are the only known things to dissolve it. These quills also provide moderate protection from small arms gunfire. Each quill vary in size and are sharp as needles. Over the years he has learned to be able to grow them where he wants at will. 

Natural weapons: The quills normally remain flattened against Thorn's body unless they become disturbed or agitated. When they do, he can shoot these quills at his enemies or raise them for defense. This makes him an extreme threat against multiple targets.

Weaknesses: Has not shown any.