Character- Titan

Created by: Stephen Hatfield

Other picture: Titan full body

First appearance:
       Galactic Legion: Explorations

Name: Istvan (EESHT-vahn)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot 1 inches
Hair: Brown
Age: 150

Homeworld: Titan (alternate universe)

Ethical alliance: Good


Prince Istvan is one of the younger sons of the royal Olympian Pantheon of his world. Wanting to do something more with his immortal life, Istvan leaves his world to find his place in the Multiverse and has many adventures under the name of ‘TITAN’, his home planet. Several months ago, he returned to find his people gone and his world destroyed.

Searching through space, Istvan comes across more devastated planets and learns that his people were responsible. Desperately wanting answers, Titan exits a wormhole to find his people at war with some of the last remaining immortals from Asgard led by their Goddess of War...FURY!

Their war threatens to destroy an area of space that the ancient gods had hidden from all immortals and forbade them ever to enter - the ‘homeworld’ of the gods...Earth! With time running out, what will Titan have to do to ensure the safety of his people, the Asgardians and the Earth itself?


Super strength: Titan possesses god strength and can lifts weights far exceeding 500 tons.

Heightened senses: Titan has a highly developed sense of hearing enabling him to detect sounds imperceptible to most beings.

Enhanced vision:
 His visual acuity is also highly developed enabling him to see wavelength in the x-ray range as well as long range scanning.

Optic beam: Titan can release high powered atomic energy through his eyes.

Flight: His usual mode of travel is flight.

Immortality: As a god, Titan is virtually immortal although under certain conditions, death is a possibility.

Invulnerability: He is resistant to all forms of damage and can survive the harshest of environments.

Speed: Titan can react at hyper speeds and can also reach lightspeed in flight mode.

Star travel: By creating wormholes, no parts of the universe are inaccessible to him.

Weaknesses:  Titan wears the Gauntlets of Hephaestus to contain his power. These gauntlets have been tweaked to reduce his power by half. Removal of these gauntlets will cause him death.