Character- UltraMan

Created by: Roy Johnson 

Ultraman full body by Gilbert Monsanto

Other Picture: Team Picture 

Real Name: Alcimus Vitruvius
Hair: White 
Eyes: Grey
 6 foot 4 inches
Age: 35
Born in: Alternate Earth

Ethical alliance: Good


UltraMan is from a parallel Earth whose primary influence was the ancient Ionian tradition of natural-philosophy, which tried to explain the phenomena according to no-supernatural laws. As that civilization influenced the Greco-Roman world, and Rome spread its influence to China and beyond, the scientific revolutions that occurred on our Earth happened millennia earlier on UltraMan's Earth. 

UltraMan is one of the most powerful super-humans operating on Earth today. By absorbing ambient radiation from multiple sources, and converting it through some unknown process, he is able to channel this energy into a number of superhuman feats. Chief among those are the ability to distort the local space-time continuum.

UltraMan speaks a variety of languages in addition to his native language. These include English, Russian, German, Swahili, Japanese, and Mandarin. 


Gravity Control: Ability to mentally manipulate gravitons (that carry the attractive, gravitational force between atomic nuclei), enabling him to control gravity (i.e. increase, decrease, negate or reverse gravitational attraction) Inertia dampening: limited invulnerability/ shielding. 

Density control: Can become ultra-dense to improve durability.

Energy blast: Can project great destructive force, heat, light and radiation.

Flight: By gravitational manipulation and inertial dampening, he can fly at ultra-speeds.

Star Travel: By creating conduits through space-time he can travel to other worlds.

Enhanced Reflexes: By distorting the of the flow of time, he possesses ultra fast reaction time and reflexes.

Teleportation: Can teleport vast distances.

Speed: Through a combination of inertial shunting and simple teleportation, he can move at the effective equivalent of light speed.

Super Strength: Through a combination of increasing his molecular density, decreasing gravitational fields, shunting inertial forces, and creating force fields, he is able to perform feats analogous to superhuman strength. He is able to lift and displace masses as great as a large ocean liner (80,000 tons) with maximum exertion.

Weaknesses: When his energy reserves run low, his powers are diminished.

UltraMan's suit is made of telepathically controlled nanites which can clean and repair damage to it, remove waste products from his body, and perform massed computing functions he can access at will (ex. it assisted in greatly reducing the time it took for him to learn a variety of Earth's languages).