Character- Unholy Diver 
Unholy Diver

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 
Unholy Diver

Art by Joe de Santos 

First appearance:
Irongate Universe #9

Real Name: Glaistig
Hair: Brown
Eyes: White
Height: 5'7"
Age: 230

Born in: Switzerland

Ethical alliance: Evil 


Glaistig was born to a family of goat worshippers, and it was believed that her appearance was caused by God wanting to make a statement.

Glaistig was born half goat, half human. But this was not the only unique thing about her. She was born with the power to reach into people's minds and make them experience great fear and terror.

While growing up, she became frustrated with her appearance and grew resentful of the one she blamed, the almighty God. This resentment made her turn away from God altogether, and she continued worshipping the goat god, until one day, in her teens, he showed himself and said his name was Satan.

Satan offered her an opportunity to join him, saying that her gifts could be of use to fight against those who believed in God. And as a show of good will on his part, he fixed her disfigurement as best as he could.

She agreed to join him in Hell, where she was trained in the use of her powers. Years later, she became a member of Hell's super team called the Heretics and, because she could dive into people's minds to find their fears, took on the code name Unholy Diver.


Super jump:  Because of her past disfigurement, she still has massive strength in her legs that allow her to jump in large bounds.

Mind control: 
Giaistig has the ability to read people's minds to find their greatest fear. She can also put any fear into their minds, and her victims cannot tell what is real or not.

Enhanced vitals: Unholy Diver is stronger and more resilient than a normal human.