Character- Venus Star 
Venus Star

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: 

First appearance: 
Venus Star and the Legion of Lust

Real Name: Jasmine Williams
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'9"
Age: 25
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Jasmine Williams was a supermodel living in Lovelight City. She is from a wealthy family and has good friends, but is also kind of a spoiled brat.

This all changed when she met with a mysterious sorceress who gave her a red object called the “Gem of Venus”. The gem granted Jasmine special powers and abilities, making her one of many “Gem Warriors”.

After gaining her powers, Jasmine took the name Venus Star, after the Roman goddess of love, and became the protector and guardian of Lovelight City. As Venus Star, she battled crime, and made many friends in the process. She befriended the Bombshells, and Erica Piper, who became a Gem Warrior called Neptune Moon.

Her fight for justice also made her many enemies. The Grey Giant, The Doll Queen, Pimp Lord, Zenith, and Mechanica, to name a few, but her main nemesis, Mistress Lust, is a former Gem Warrior herself. She, incidentally, also has a strong sexual desire for Venus Star.


Power accessory: The Gem of Venus is the source of Venus Star's powers.

Super strength: The gem grants her strength in the 50 tons of lift range.

Flight: She can fly and reach mach 2 speeds.

Speed: Her enhanced speed allows her to dodge bullets.

Energy blasts: She can direct magical energy blasts from her hands.

Physical resistance: The gem's power has protected her from gun shots, explosions and rockets.

Weaknesses:  Venus Star is somewhat overconfident of her powers and often overestimate her abilities. 
With enough force, she can be knocked unconscious. She can be affected by gases, and can be put under mind control and hypnosis.

A negative side effect of the Gem of Venus can make her sexually aroused over time.

Without the Gem of Venus, Venus Star is powerless.