Character- Victory

Created by: Chris V

Other pictures: Victory profile picture
                        Victory full body

First appearance: Victory #1

Real Name: Victory
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Red
 5 foot 7 inches
Age: 31
Born in: C
heongia (Green Earth)

Ethical alliance: Good


Victory was a mythological sword called The Sword of Victory. It came from another universe called Green Earth, in the land of Cheongia. It was owned by Vechs, a knight errant, who used it to fight the forces of evil.

One day Vechs went up against a demon named Darkus and was absorbed by him thus, becoming more powerful. The seven mages realizing how powerful Darkus has become, banished him to Earth.

One of the mages, named Chronos, sent in two knights to help the people against Darkus, in the 1940's. With the help of superheros, scientists and the army, they managed to trap Darkus in a giant cryogenic chamber and he was hurled into space.

Years later, in 1985, Darkus managed to break free and went back to Earth. The superheroes and the army once again tried to take him down, but they were losing. Things were looking grim, when suddenly, the sword bursts out of Darkus's body and absorbed him into itself.

Years later, in 2010, The Sword of Victory while on display in a superhero museum, transformed into a man and became the superhero known as Victory.


Super strength: He has been shown to be able to lift as much as 100,000 tons. 

Fire blast: He can control the intensity of the fire and can unleash a super attack called "Ring of Fire".

Flight: He can attain a flying speed of 93000 mph, roughtly Mach 122.
Healing: Can heal people of any injuries, even regrow limbs.

Indestructability: He has withstood any weapon on earth, but whether he can withstand a nuclear blast is unknown.

Empathy: He has a sixth sense with which he can sense people in danger within a thousand mile radius. 

Space travel: He has "air pockets" in this lungs that can store and hold oxygen allowing him to breathe in space.

Toxin immunity: He is immune to all forms of disease,cancer, AIDS, HIV and other STDS.

Weaknesses: V
ictory is as weak against magic attacks and spells. He is vulnerable to all forms of  incapacitating agents and vulnerable to electric/energy/ and mind control attacks. Whether it can kill him remains to be seen. 

Paraphernalia: Victory's suits is invulnerable and can self clean. It is made of an unknown material.