Character- Viona

Created by:  Zaki Asakura (Akizz)

Other pictures:
Viona Peak/Fiona/Viona  
Viona Transformed
Transformation sequence

First appearance:
Viona, the Warrior of Beauty

A.K.A.: Warrior of Beauty
Real Name: Fiona Hill

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 2 in (Fiona), 5 foot 10 in (Viona), 5 foot 7 in (Viona peak form)

Age: 20
Country of Origin: Rosebay City (alternate Earth)

Ethical alliance: Good


Fiona, an archaelogical student, was doing an inventory of the items they had found on their latest Mayan excavation, when she realized that they had left some equipment at one of the temples. She decided to go back to retrieve the items but when she entered the temple she stumbled on a statue which she could have sworn, had not been there before.

The statue seemed out of place. It did not look like it belonged in this temple. The statue was that of a beautiful woman but she did not look like a typical Mayan. She looked like an Amazon. 

The statue was dressed in armor, adorned with accessories made of gold. The woman wore a crown, a pair of earrings and a choker, all elaboratly decorated.

Fiona found the choker enthralling and proceeded to touch it.

A bright light shone and engulfed her, blinding her for an instant but when she regained her sight, the statue had vanished. All that's left was the choker.

When she returned to the University, she walked to a mirror and tried the choker. As she fastened it around her neck, the bright light returned and engulfed her. Her clothes and hair were burned by the light and she felt herself being transformed. The experience was so intense in pleasure that it could be described as being orgasmic. 

After this maelstrom of pleasure, Fiona was not herself anymore, literally. She had been transformed into a creature of pleasure and beauty. She was adorned with the same jewelry the statue had worn and then Fiona heard the voice in her head...She was not alone.

The voice spoke and told her that her name was Ixaera and that she was a guardian spirit lodged within the choker. Now that Fiona was wearing it, the guardian spirit would be part of her and would, mold, sculpt and empower her to transform into the Warrior of Beauty and that, henceforth, she was to be known as Viona.

Fiona had now become an Amazon and would need to take the duties of one as well. 
She was told that the previous owner of the choker had used her power to seal an evil witch inside a box that had been buried in this temple.

Fiona remembered having found such a box. It was 
black in color and decorated with Mayan pattern. It was wrapped in rope, almost as if to prevent anyone from opening it. Unknown to her, however, was that as her professor had been examining it, he had released the evil witch. Her name was Gulora and her obsession was to rule. Fiona, would need to use her abilities as Viona, to find and destroy this witch.

Unfortunately, the first time she met Gulora in battle, Viona was defeated. Gulora then took the choker and wore it to become more powerful. It was later revealed that the box in which Gulora had been emprisoned contained another choker. This one housed the spirit of another Amazon warrior. Her name was Syphia.

Fiona obtained it and transformed with Syphia. This time, she learned her lesson and was able to defeat the transformed Gulora. Ixaera, the warrior spirit in the first choker, sacrificed herself to defeat Gulora. Now Fiona is linked to Syphia.

Fiona also learned that the intense sexual feeling she experiences during transformations extends beyond the act itself. In her new form, her body is extremely sensitive and absorbs a type of sexual energy through skin contact. This energy, also called peak energy, is essential for her to assume her Peak Form, a more powerful version of Viona. 


Power accessory: Viona's power resides in a choker that contains the spirit of an Amazon Warrior.

Super strength: At her peak, Viona's amazon strength can enable her to lift weights in the 300 ton range.

Spiritual magic: Viona can wield spiritual magic in various ways but most notably for spirit cleansing. She can also use that magic in concert with her fighting.

Energy absorption: Viona absorbs a type of sexual energy through skin contact. This energy is also called peak energy and is essential for her to assume her Peak Form. 

The duration of her Peak Form depends on how much energy she exerts during her battle. The stronger her enemy, the faster her Peak Form will be depleted. When this happens, she will revert back to her original human form.

Symbiotic: While she wears her choker, Fiona shares her body with an Amazon warrior spirit.

Flight: Viona can fly and reach moderate speeds.

Transform: The choker enables Fiona to assume the form of Viona, but when Viona has absorbed enough peak energy, she can transform into Viona's Peak Form.

Weaknesses: Due to the merging between an ordinary human and an amazon warrior spirit, her Amazon form is extremely sensitive to bare skin to skin contact. A mere brush has the potential to arouse her immediately, and it could incapacitate her but, through experience, she has learned to focus for longer periods of time during fights before succumbing to the stimulations.