Character- Voltage

Created by: Tim Solomon

Other pictures: Voltage full body

Real Name: Tim Solomon
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Red
 6 foot 2 inches
Age: 17
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Thomas Drake was the son of a billionaire who owned an advanced research facility called Drake Industries. Thomas loved money and power but what he loved more was to impress the people around him. One day he invited his friend Tim Solomon to visit Drake Industries.

Tim was glad to have this opportunity. Not many people had been given the tour of the facility and certainly no High School kid. Thomas kept on boasting about all the things his father had done. He pointed at all the inventions his father had made and how many millions they had cost. But Tim didn't mind. He was simply glad to be there.

After they had finished the tour, Tim saw a door that they had not yet visited. He asked Thomas what was behind it. Thomas said that his father was working on a portal for intersteller travel, but that the project was not quite finished. He then asks Tim if he would want to see it. Tim agreed and the two stepped inside the room.

What Thomas didn't know was that his father had resumed his work on the experiment and had succeeded in making it work. Having gone off to celebrate, he had left the experiment on stand-by mode. As Thomas approached the machine, he unknowingly turned it on.  All of a sudden an alarm sounded and the portal opened.

A change in pressure rushes air out through the portal and Tim and Thomas were almost sucked in. After a few seconds, the pressure stabilized and through the portal, a view of another world could be seen. The two stared in awe at the alien planet, and for no apparent reason, the planet exploded.

As the planet's pieces were flung into space, colored lights rushed to escape the destruction and headed towards the two observers. The lights made their way through the portal. As they did so, the portal closed behind them. Thomas and Tim, caught in the flash of lights, passed out.

Tim later learned that he has absorbed the spirit of Zaker, a Hyperian from the now dead planet, Hyperia. Hyperians are beings that can control the eight different elemental powers; Lightning, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Nature, Ice, and Darkness.

Zaker controlled lightning and now, so does Tim Solomon.

As for his friend,Thomas, he too absorbed the spirit of a Hyperian by the name of Brago, but unlike Zacker, Brago controlled Darkness and now, possessing this same power Thomas has become Voltage's main antagonist.


Super strength: His hyper charged body has increased his strength to the point where he can lift around 2 tons.

Lightning blast: He can repeatedly discharge a bolt of electricity from his hands or shoots streams of homing electric balls at a double rate of fire (like gunfire).

By focusing electricity into a single mass and throwing it at his targets, he can create timed explosions.

By wrapping electrical energy around his arms he can create blades of electricity. He can also create an electric tether that can pull himself to other objects.

Energy absorption: Can absorb any source that radiates electricity. 

Energy blast: When jumping from high places, he charges his body, then hits the ground at full force, sending a shock wave of energy.

Force fields: He can create an electromagnetic force field that stops almost every projectile and he can extend it to send a blast to multiple enemies that are within its range.

Weaknesses: Although water is an excellent conductor for his powers, he personally avoids being in it.

Curiosities: His main mode of travel is to run parkour style.