Character- War Patriot
War Patriot

Created by: Paul Cole

Other Picture:  
First appearance:
Guardians of Creation #1


Real Name: Paul Cole
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
Height: 6 foot  (6 foot 2 inches with antenae)
Age: 26
Born on: Planet Trisen

Ethical alliance: Good


Paul was part of an elite special forces unit called Project "Gamma Omni" until the unit was split into two. A new armored suit design was put into the field and Gamma Unit was established to train the troops in the use of the new command suits.

The training was two-fold. It not only taught the troops how to use the specially designed armored suit but also how to control a fully functional robotic troop. The Omni side of the project was in charge of making both the suit of armor and the robotic weapons.

The "prototype" of the command suit was made and tested with amazing results. However a rival group at Lockheed Aero-Tech was also working on a less capable but faster production version of their own suits.

The Gamma unit was compromised when a mysterious group unfiltrated the facilities and bombed the barracks and the laboratories of both projects attempting to kill everyone.

Paul who had taken the first suit on a field test survived. To remain safe, he lay low and disappeared letting everyone believe he had died during the attack. He resurfaced some time later under the name War Patriot. His time in hiding had allowed him to better familiarize himself with the suit and make improvements. War Patriot was now ready for action.


Power armor: War Patriot uses a specially designed Power Armor controlled via synaptic relays within the helmet. The armor is powered by a highly sophisticated energy conversion system that uses the wearer's own body energy as a power source and as such, the armor acts as an extension of the wearer. 

Super strength: His armor enhances his strength and enables him to lift weights in the 5 ton range.

Energy blast:  The armor's energy gauntlets can fire burst of energy that can be released as beams or can be concentrated into short range energy punches.

Flight: War Patriot's armor is equipped with rocket boots that can enable him to attain speeds of Mach 1. 

Weaknesses:  Since the armor derives its energy from the wearer, it is subject to the wearer's physical health. The power conversion system can convert the wearer's energy with great efficiency, but as the wearer weakens so does the armor's power reserve.