Character- White Knight
white knight

Created by:  Brian Hitsman

First appearance: 
Global Defense Force #1 

Other picture: White Knight full body

Real Name: Ian Knight
Hair: White
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Age: 190

Born in: England

Ethical alliance: Good


White Knight's grandfather is none other then Lancelot. His father Galahad searched for the Holy Grail and found it. Galahad would remain immortal as long as he followed the 10 virtues of knighthood and did not have an heir to pass the mantle to.

After a 1000+ years of doing God's work, Galahad found a wife and settled down passing the immortality to Ian. Ian was trained by his father in the 10 virtues of knighthood. He trained him in a number of martial arts and of course how to use a sword.


Immortality: Although he can be hurt and maimed, he cannot die.

Regeneration: A side effect of his immortality, is the regeneration of lost limbs.

Truth-saying*: The Sword of Truth resonates when deceit is present and illusions and lies are dispelled.

Energy absorption*: The magic blade can absorb most forms of energy.

Magic sensing*: The sword can sense magic energies.

Teleportation*:  The sword can be used to teleport along ley lines.

* with Sword of Truth

Has to follow the 10 Virtues of Knighthood.

Paraphernalia: Carries the Sword of Truth which can cut through virtually anything. It is forged from a metal called gravitanium.

Also has a number of devices on him from grappling gun, to throwing stars, lockpics and a breathing mask. He also has lightweight armor that he wears. It's especially made to stop armor piercing bullets.