Character- Zaryachnea

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

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         Zaryachnea Seduction 
Zaryachnea full body 


Real Name: Zarya Mirov
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red-black
7 foot 9 inches (2.40 m)
Age: 20
Country of Origin: Russia

Ethical alliance: Evil


As a child, Zarya acquired a mysterious and deadly disease that gradually destroyed her body. Her father, desperate to save her life, accepted the help of an old scientist who was working on an experimental serum based on spiders' cells and venom.

The initial dose proved to be a success and Zarya started getting better. After a few more doses her strength increased but then, there began to have side effects. Her body began to change and she took on extreme spider attributes.

Although her father tried to keep her safe by hiding her, she was abducted by a secret research organization. There, she spent 10 years of her life imprisoned as a test animal, suffering various experiments and tests in the hope of recreating the serum that could cure any disease.

During her captivity, her only friend was the old scientist who had administered the serum that had saved her life. He, too, was a prisoner, having refused to reveal the formula.

When Zarya reached full control of her body and of her skills, the doctor saw an opportunity to escape. Feigning a heart attack he surprised a security guard, disarming and paralyzing him with his own taser gun. He then proceeded to release Zarya from her cell. She easily dispatched the guards in her way and guided by the old doctor, they came out of the facility.

Unfortunately, security forces caught up to them and the doctor was mortally wounded. Zarya cried out in anguish as she slaughtered the whole group of soldiers.

Zarya may be free but there is a worldwide alert for her capture. There is a price on her head and she is being hunted. But few are those who have seen her and of those, none so far have lived to tell the tale. You see, Zarya welcomes their visit. After all, she does need to eat.


Venom: She can produce venom of varying qualities that she can release through a bite or spit out. One type can corrode solid objects like acid and if administered within the body of her victim can liquefy their organs.

Another totally paralyzes her victims. The initial contact can numb the person who touches and it but it worsens if the contact is maintained. A high dose of this in the body of her victim can coagulate their blood.

Heightened senses: She has a sense that alerts her of impending threats.

Enhanced vision: Her vision is enhanced with extra eyes that can see in the dark. Her main eyes can zoom in on objects.

Super Strength: The upper part of her body has the strength of a normal human, but her spider part has increased strength including the frontal appendages that were her human legs.

Physical resistance: Her spider body is capable of withstanding high caliber bullets without suffering great damage. Her legs are even more resistant making them virtually indestructible.

Natural weapons: Her hands have very sharp claws also virtually indestructible.

Healing Factor: She has an exceptionally strong immune system which increases the rate of healing and makes it almost impossible for her to get sick. Any type of virus or bacteria is rapidly eliminated. 

Wall crawling: She can climb walls and ceilings effortlessly.

Webbing: She can create very strong webs to trap her victims.

Weaknesses: The upper part of her body is as delicate as a human's and is its most vulnerable point.