Character- Mistress Velvet
Mistress Velvet

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture:
                Mistress Velvet full body

Real Name: Caitlin Crane
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 5 foot 10 inches 
Age: 25
Born in: France

Ethical alliance: Evil


Caitlin was born into the wealthy Crane family. Her father, Brandon Crane, was a successful business man and the CEO of the family’s company, The Crane Corporation. 

Caitlin’s mother died in childbirth, leaving her father to raise her on his own.

Over the years Caitlin realized that she was gifted. Her intelligence had always far surpassed that of her peers but more phenomenal was her ability to read the mind and thoughts of others around her.

She used her abilities as often as she could and as her understanding of her power grew, she learned to do more than just read mind, she could also affect and control them. By the time she was 20, she had mastered her skills and could manipulate others to do her bidding, even without using her telepathic abilities.

Caitlin developped an obsession with gifted individuals and upon seeing this desire in his daughter, her father told her the turth about the Crane Corporation; that they were doing research on super powered beings and of their plans of creating an army of super-soldiers.

After her father mysteriously passed away. Caitlin inherited her father’s company. The goal of the company was still that of creating super soldiers but Caitlin would not settle for a mere super soldier, she wanted to create a god. Her test subjects were genetically modified over and over with the hope that one day, she would create the most powerful of beings.

And even if her methods were those of madness and obsession, no one ever voiced such concern in Caitlin's presence. Her control over her staff was absolute. She could do no wrong in their eyes. To them, Caitlin was the voice of reason. She was their mistress and her words were warm and soft like velvet. 


Telepathy: Velvet can read the thoughts of others and can manipulate their minds. She can also control their movements, make them see things that are not there or make herself seem invisible to others.

Force field:  Velvet can generate force fields that can block most forms of attacks, such as bullets and even punches from Hyper Girl.

Molecular manipulation: With some concentration and through physical contact, Velvet can manipulate the molecules of objects and even other life forms.

She can also manipulate any forms of sugar, including a person’s blood sugar and give her enemies a heart attack or a stroke.

Toxin immunity:  Due to her mutant biology, Caitlin is immune to human diseases, she is also resilient to poison.

Enhanced intelligence: Second to her telepathy, Mistress Velvet greatest weapon is her intellect. She has amassed massive amount knowledge with regard to most forms of science. She also has knowledge of alien technology. 

Weaknesses:  Despite her powers, Mistress Velvet is as vulnerable as a normal human female.

Her molecular manipulation is rather limited as it requires concentration and the larger the object is the more strain it has on her body. It is also more difficult to use this ability on superior beings.

Her telepathy is not always effective on beings who have a strong mind. Telepaths and magic users can counter her telepathy.

Paraphernalia: Mistress Velvet has an obsession with a necklace that she wears. It is made of the Dark Stone.