Character- Hyper Girl
Hyper Girl

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: Hyper Girl full body

Real Name: Chelsea Sawyer
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green 
Height: 5 foot 3 inches 
Age: 20
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Chelsea was a fairly social and popular girl in college. She always liked attention and after having seen the attention cheerleaders received from virtually everyone, she decided that she would become a part of that. She may not exactly have been the brightest and was often seen as an airhead, but none of that was deemed important to the selection committee. She could jump, cheer and shake her pompoms and above all, she was hot.

One summer, she went to a camping trip with her friends. It was going to be a summer of partying, drinking and sex. In truth, however, it turned out to be something quite different.

One night, after everyone had passed out, Chelsea wandered off into the woods to relieve herself. While she squatted to do her business, she noticed a strange pink glow amidst the trees.

“Oooh what is this pretty light?” Chelsea thought. She giggled as she wondered if she was actually seeing this or if the twelve beers she had drunk were responsible for it. Curious, she went ahead to find out.

What she saw sobered her on the spot.

A woman was the source of the glow. She looked human but seemed to be made of pink energy.
The pink woman saw her and started to move towards her. Chelsea panicked and tried to turn around and flee but found out she couldn’t move. The energy being was holding her in an hypnotic gaze.

The pink woman did not speak as she enveloped Chelsea in her pink light. What had seemed like a simple glowing energy became a tsunami of power as it entered Chelsea's body. She felt like her body was about to explode. She passed out.

When Chelsea woke up, it was morning. She looked at herself and she seemed unarmed. Had all this been an alcohol-induced dream, she wondered? She decided to keep the incident to herself and returned to the camp.

It was after she had returned from her trip that she started to notice the changes. She started to feel different. She was invigorated and felt powerful. Her strength and her agility had improved drastically. As she cheered for her team, her pirouettes became more and more complex, bringing questioning stares from her teammates. When they formed the pyramid to raise the cheerleading queen to its top, Chelsea found being at the base of it was not a challenge anymore. She felt that she could have held it up all by herself.

She started noticing some physical changes as well. At times, when she was angry, her eyes would glow pink. Pink, like the energy she had seen. She now new the incident had been real. It had not been a dream. She was forever changed.

“It's like I'm becoming a superheroine,” she thought. “That is so cool!!”

Chelsea became inspired when she watched the news and saw Oceania as well as other heroes in action. She decided that she, too, would try out this superhero business. She had the means to become part of this world. All she needed now was a costume and a name. She modified her cheerleading outfit and took the name Hyper Girl.


Energy blast:  Hypergirl is powered by a specific type of pink energy she calls "Hyper-energy”. This energy enhances her physical abilities and it can be released in various ways. Low levels of it are relatively harmless but concentrated high levels can melt steel in a few moments.

Unaided, Hypergirl can perform a clap that can blow her opponents away. Channelling the pink energy through her clap enhances it to the point where it can level a city block.

Optic blast: She can release the pink energy from her eyes.

Super strength:
ergirl's strength has been enhanced and she is capable of lifting 70 tons under normal conditions but when enraged has lifted over 10,000 tons.

Agility:  Hypergirl is several times more agile than an average human.

Mind control: Hypergirl can hypnotize her opponents and control them or put them to sleep.  

Telekinesis: By channelling the energy with her mind, she can lift  large objects like rocks and cars.

Flight: Hypergirl can fly at speeds of Mach 5.

Weaknesses: Despite her powers, Hypergirl is inexperienced and childish. She has no real control of her powers and is still trying to master them.

She relies too much on her powers due to the fact that she has little to no fighting skills. She hasn’t had any professional training. 

There is a certain object of unknown origin called “The Dark Stone” that can temporally drain her powers rendering her helpless.

Appearance: Her eyes sometimes glow pink when she is angry.