Character- Akrera

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: Akrera full body

Real Name: Akrera
A.K.A: The Cursed

Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6 foot
Age: 33
Born in: A remote Island on the Mediterranean Sea

Ethical alliance: Evil


Akrera was born on an island in the Mediterranean Sea, but she has no memories of her life there or of her birth parents. She was only two when her home island was destroyed and she was rescued by a demigod named Aegiz. Having no recollection of her true parents, she began to view Aegiz as her father.

Akrera's childhood was not an easy one. Aegiz was very harsh as he trained her in the art of survival and combat. He often left her alone in the wilds to fend for herself and at the age of ten, she survived one such day by killing a wild boar with her bare hands. Pleased with her accomplishment, Aegiz decided that she was worthy to train further.

Years later, he hosted a tournament where the fighters battled to the death and entered Akrera as one of the competitors. The tournament was brutal, but Akrera managed to reach the final round. Her final opponent was a powerful giant but Akrera easily overpowered him. As he begged for mercy, she hesitated, but upon Aegiz's insistence, she proceeded to decapitate the giant with an ax.

Shortly after the tournament, Aegiz sat with Akrera and revealed the truth that had been hidden from her. She, too, was a demigod and Ares, the God of War, was her true father. He also told her that it was Poseidon who had been responsible for the destruction of her home island.

Angered by this, Akrera swore vengeance on the sea god. It was now her turn to wage war on Poseidon and his descendants, but she would not do so alone. Along with other like-minded demigods, she joined Aegiz and together, “The Godslayers” went to war.


Super strength: Akrera has superhuman strength that rivals and possibly surpasses that of Oceania, which is at least 500 tons or more.

Agility: She is far more agile then a mere mortal.

Physical resistance: Akrera can tank most forms of damage without any real issues.

Martial arts: She was trained in many forms of combat throughout most of her life and is skilled with many types of weapons.

Summoning: Akrera can summon weapons at well such as swords and spears.

Energy blast:
 can fire godly energy blasts from her hands.

Weaknesses:  While being very powerful and skilled, Akrera is not completely invincible as it is possible for her to be taken down by an opponent with superior strength. Like Oceania she can be harmed by penetrating attacks and poison can slow her down.

Akrera enjoys fighting and violence to the point where she often allows her opponent to use their full power so that she might test her own limits.
It is not uncommon for her to fight beings who are completely out of her league.

Paraphernalia: Her main weapon, the Axe of Bloodlust, is capable of killing demigods. She also has hidden blades on her wrists. These are stained with the poisonous blood of the Hydra.