Character- Allastor

Created by:  Eduardo Caraballo

First appearance:
Guardians of Creation #1

Other Picture: Allastor full body

Real Name: Allastor Darkflame
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue
Height: 15 feet 9 inches
Age: 696

Born on: Bahamut Island

Ethical alliance: Good


Allastor is one of the last members of an ancient race of dragons. He hatched during a decayed age of corrupted kings, treason, sickness and swords, a long time ago. His mother was a Sapphire Blue dragon and his father was a Ruby Red. He never really met him, for he was too busy serving his Kingdom in the name of Bahamut, the patron deity of their clan, The Silver Talon.

As a hatchling, Allastor was looked at with distrust because his scales were pure white and imprinted with what the others called, the Mark of Bahamut. These features would mark him as the Mythril Dragon and according to his clan, it was a good thing. It was said that Mythril Dragons possessed great power once they were mature enough, and that every two generations a Mythril would be born by the grace of their Dragon God, to guide them into a new golden age.

However, there was also a prophecy: "That who would me marked by the Platinum Dragon shall determine the continuance of the everlasting cycle of death and rebirth, or break it."

This encouraged most of the dragons in Allastor's clan to shun him and one day when he was especially upset, Allastor's feeling triggered several changes in him: His scales turned brighter and a sudden rush of power filled him. The part of the stone he smashed his fists against was partially melted and his arms were on fire.

He panicked at first, believing that the prophecy of the Mythril was being fulfilled and as he retreated, trying to assimilate what just happened, feelings of fear rushed into him and triggered another ability. At the very spot where he was standing, a patch of ice had formed. It was then when he discovered that he could ignite the particles of air out of anger and freeze them out of fear. As he trained secretly, he learned to control and manipulate both elements at will. 

It is believed that as Allastor grows into this power, he will become the true Avatar of Bahamut. Although Bahamut never confirmed it, many believe that Allastor has been appointed to become Bahamut's successor as the God of Good Dragons.

With the recent 'awakening' of the Well of the Furies, his powers have grown exponentially. He has also discovered new and fashionable ways to channel the power of Bahamut more directly. His most recent one being the ability to extend and enhance his Dragon Shell into an impenetrable barrier to protect nearby allies and the ability to summon forth a devastating current of raw power and energy.

Unknown to most, Allastor has also been followed by two elusive presences that seem to protect him, with auras of the same characteristics as his own. It is believed that they may be a favor of Bahamut himself in sending two of His seven guardians.

Full potential and extent of his powers are still unknown... to date, Allistar is believed to be the only surviving Dragon after Rift Walker rescued him and other super powered beings from their world.

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Magic: The Dragon God Bahamut granted him with superior strength and resistance, as well as the ability to emit and control fire and ice for a variety of effects. It has been but recently that he has developed this trait and he is capable of casting spells, glyphs, rituals and wards of medium complexity.

Spiritual magic: Allastor was trained in arcane and divine magic, but he was restricted in this art due to his nature as the Mythril Dragon by his mentors. He has attained the ability to manipulate a mystic energy that is believed to be Bahamut's very essence.

Energy blast: Bahamut's energy allows him to perform several feat like projecting raw energy in the form of concentrated blasts or devastating physical attacks, boosting his own strength, regeneration and toughness.

Elemental magic: Has the ability to emit and control fire and ice for a variety of effects. Currently, unless he does it through magical spells, he is unable to create fire or ice. 

Transform: At times, he is capable of tapping into the Mythril Aspect, which is the closest to the Avatar of Bahamut himself. In that form, his scales become brighter, making him look like a large dragon made out of small mirrors shards. Only in this aspect, and for only a few minutes every once in a while, Allastor is capable of becoming more energy than matter, an entity of light, making him nearly impervious to harm. Every single ability and powers become considerably increased for as long as he remains in this state. 

Natural weapons: Allastor has very sharp claws.

Natural armor: His scales make great protection and can stop considerable damage.

Barrier: He can channel the power of Bahamut to create a personal force field, which he calls his "Dragon Shell".

Energy drain: 
He was also capable of absorbing energy from his surroundings to enhance his abilities.

Heightened Senses: Allastor has hightened senses of smell, sight and hearing, beyond those of normal humans. His sense of smell can be compared to that of a shark, making him capable of detecting single scents amongst a group of aromas up to a mile away.

Enhanced vision: Allastor is capable of detecting auras around other objects, areas or beings. He can automatically determine the nature of it (magical, evil, good, demonic, celestial, aggresive, etc.) by just looking at the source of it. This ability is always active and it has a repercution in his eyesight, allowing him to 'see' them.

Limitations: Allastor is unable to sustain this aspect for extended periods of time. He is still a mortal. After this transformation, and due to a overly superhuman amount of strain at channeling this immeasurable amount of energy, Allastor will drop from his Mythril Aspect and become exhausted and weakened. Willing to extend this transformation may result in lethal consequences for him.