Character- Rift Walker
Rift Walker

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

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First appearance: 

Real Name: Greg Fitzgerald 
Hair: Reddish blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6 foot 1 inches
Age: 38

Country of Origin: Planet Trisen

Ethical alliance: Good


Rift Walker was a super soldier on his home planet Trisen. He was part of the planet's primary defense unit and, along with other gifted individuals like himself, he kept the peace.

His world had started venturing out into space, but no further than their own system had they yet explored. Only one of Trisen's moons had been settled, and it was from there that his people learned that they were not alone in the universe.

When the alien armada entered the system, the lunar colony had sent out ships to investigate, but the ships never had a chance to. They were blasted on sight.

The armada never sent a message or a warning. It simply made its advance undeterred and when it reached Trisen, it did not even enter into orbit. It bore into its atmosphere and launched destruction.

Trisen never learned who the enemy was or where it came from. All it knew was that it was there to destroy them.

The first wave alone killed millions.

Rift Walker's team, as well as others worldwide, went into action, but the enemy they faced was too overwhelming to contain. They tried to protect their citizens but the futility of the battle was becoming apparent. And when things had become bad, things then went to worse.

The invaders sent out the second wave, and more devastating that one was. No ships came down that time. No military transport or weaponry, but something far more dangerous. The enemy also had their own super powered beings. Not only were they more numerous than those on Trisen, but they were also murderous, and they wreaked havoc.

The battle raged non-stop for weeks. Cities were obliterated, forests decimated, and the deserts turned red with blood. The deaths were too numerous to count and when the sounds of battle receded, all that was left was the sound of the dying and the smell of burning buildings and flesh. In short, the invaders had won.

As the invaders made their way across the globe, they made sure to leave no living body behind. After each battle, they searched for survivors and killed everyone. No one was safe, not even the super powered heroes.

These could have been converted to prisoners of war and forced to use their abilities for the benefit of their new masters, but the invaders had no need for them. Perhaps they deemed them unworthy of joining them. After all, they had been defeated. What good is it to have losers in your team? 

With the end unavoidable, Rift Walker decided that he would save those he could. There was little time, so he sought out the remainder of Trisen's heroes. He could track their location from all over the planet, but there were so few left, and they were scattered everywhere. Still, he found them and brought them to what was left of their lunar colony. Here they would be safe until they decided on their future.

But the heroes he brought back were not those he remembered. These were broken. They had fought bravely, but had witnessed first hand their efforts wasted. They had seen those they had tried to protect butchered. They had seen their friends and comrades murdered, and they had been unable to stop it. These had once been heroes. The best his world had to offer, but no more. Now, as they watched their home world bathed in flames, they huddled in corners and sobbed like children.  

For barely a day, they had escaped, but the armada returned to their moon. Soon they would be discovered and they would all die. There was no place to hide in this system. If they were to survive, they would need to go far from here.

Rift Walker ordered them to get up and hold hands. He would save them or he would die trying. He tapped into his teleport power like he had never done before. He had to find a place so far away where the enemy could not find them. His power had never failed him before, he only hoped it would not fail him in his greatest time of need.

As the approaching troops neared their hidden lair, Rift Walker and his men disappeared. He let his trust in his power guide him and when he reappeared, the world before him was a strange one, but a welcomed sight. He later learned it was called Earth.

At the request of his comrades, he scattered them all over the planet. They had seen enough of battle and wished to see no more. They would blend into this new world and try to forget the life they once had. All would, except Rift Walker.

Like his comrades, he adopted an Earth name and began to accustom himself to this strange planet's way of life, but when he learned that Earth also had its version of super powered heroes, he knew he needed to be a part of this. He had heard of the All-Winner's Society. They would make powerful allies if the invaders ever did come here.

But although he could have joined them, he chose no to. He wanted to have his own team. He wanted to teach them what he knew about the invaders, and he wanted them to be prepared. The AWS already had their own purpose and ideals. He needed to have a team that would embrace his own. They would protect this world but should also be ready to protect the universe and creation itself if need be. Yes, that was it. This is what he would make of them. The Guardians of Creation.


Elemental magic:  Rift Walker is an elemental sorcerer who can create rifts in a magical dimension. From within this realm, he primarily taps the fire element.
He can 
make it rain fire, thus causing firestorms or sent out blasts of heated winds with hurricane strength.

Teleportation: Rift Walker can teleport pretty much anywhere he can think of and his range seems to be unlimited, however, he needs to have a destination that supports life because his barriers can only hold a limited amount of air.

If he doesn't have a specific destination in mind, his ability offers him potential destinations based on his thoughts and needs.

Barrier: He can conjure up powerful barriers or shields capable of withstanding extreme forces, both physical and energy based.

Underwater breathing: Behind his barrier, Rift Walker can carry enough air to survive a limited amount of time below water.

Space travel: Behind his barrier, Rift Walker can carry enough air to survive a limited amount of time in the vacuum of space.

Limitations: His teleportation ability is limited to breathable environments, since he can only carry a limited amount of air within his barrier.