Character- American Way
American Way

Created by: Samuel Bruch

Other Pictures:
American Way full body

First Appearance: Magilicutty #1

Real Name: Jeremy "Starlight" Jones
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6 foot 3 inches

Age: 33
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Jeremy Jones was a high school drop out who fell victim to drug abuse. Through a series of events, he became strung out and homeless on the streets of Excelsior City. In order to support his habit he became a midnight cowboy by the name of "Starlight". This lifestyle, however, had other repercussions on his life. He contracted HIV and it became his newest day-to-day struggle.

Giving up all hope, Jeremy planned to kill himself. He had just finished "servicing" a businessman when the man left him a card. It stated; "We can make you better."

Jeremy reluctantly went to the address listed on the card. When he arrived, he was met by military men, senators, and scientists. They performed many tests on him and made him sign confidentiality papers. After which, they explained what was in store for him. They had performed a serum that would cure him and make him more healthy than he had ever been.

Faced with this seeming miracle, the sickly Jeremy quickly agreed and got injected with the serum. Had he taken more time before agreeing, Jeremy might have also learned that the procedure would be painful and it became evident as soon as the serum entered his body. It burned inside him with a fervor he had never known. The pangs of pain he had felt when deprived of his drugs were a simple caress in comparison.

The process lasted thirty minutes but to Jeremy, it had seemed a lifetime. His frail body frame cracked and twisted as it was reformed. Bones grew. Muscles expanded. Ligaments became as steel and the pain of years of intense physical training experienced in mere moments. But the results had been worth it.

The emaciated frail body of a junkie had been changed into the body of an Olympian. The serum had unleashed his full genetic potential and his strength had become as no man's. The serum
that coursed through his veins also helped him tap into his mitochondrial energy. He could unleash that energy through powerful optic blasts. He had become more powerful that he had ever hoped to be.

His body's tolerance to diseases had become extreme but it had not completely destroyed his disease. He was cured of AIDS, but he was still a carrier. Still, after all was said and done, the experiment was a success.

But when it came to the military, there was always a small catch.

They had created the world's strongest superhero but they were not about to let him loose. Their investment was quite sizable and they had made sure Jeremy had known that he would never really be quite free. They reminded him that the process that had given him these new abilities was also reversible and that is he decided to breach his contract, extreme measures would be implemented. He was property of the government and as such, he was expected to
serve his country.

Jeremy didn't mind.
He was free of his drugs. He had been a slave to them for too long. Becoming a slave to his country was commendable in his mind. He was a patriot and could find nothing wrong with the deal they had offered him. He accepted it as well as the new name his country had given him. "The American Way".

Soon after, the government funded the creation of the super team the Committee of Heroes. American Way would lead the team, but at the behest of those who really pulled the strings.


Super strength: American Way's powerful physique enables him to lift weights in the 140 ton range.

Indestructibility: His highly dense physiology can help him survive extreme blasts as powerful as nuclear explosions.

Flight: Using his body's energy, he can fly at speeds of multiple Mach.

Toxin resistance: His body has an increased resistance to toxins and diseases.

Optic blast: American Way can release his mitochondrial energy as powerful optic blasts.

Weaknesses: In order to control their property, the military scientists have also infused in his body dormant antibodies that, if activated, can instantly take away his powers and revert him to the way he was before the experiment.