Team- The Committee of Heroes

American Way  Hero Complex Kid  Irony  nostalgia  Tension  Weekend Warrior 
The Stag, Laura Wilde,  Mi Casa,
Sue Casa

Team founder: Was co-founded by
The Stag and Hero Complex Kid

Official team leader: American Way

Membership: Open to new members

Created by: Samuel Bruch


The Committee of Heroes was formed to counter the rise in number of super powered beings and costumed characters in Excelsior City.

The team is backed and funded by the government who believes that it had become a necessity for them to have their own team of heroes. As government employees, the members of the team receive benefits like dental and healthcare.

Membership requirements: The heroes are hand picked by The Stag, other than that they must be registered in the Excelsior City database and submit to random UAs (urinary drug test to test for drugs especially power enhancers) and mental evaluations.