Character- Aqua Siege
Aqua Siege

Created by: Tim Solomon

Other pictures: 
Aqua Siege full body

Real Name: Jeremy Anderson
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
 5 foot 7 inches
Age: 17
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Jeremy, the son of prominent scientists, James and Martha Henderson, was born in Washington, DC.

From a young age, Jeremy displayed above than normal intelligence and his wealthy parents enrolled him to the most prestigious scholastic institutions, where he constantly was at the top of his class.

Despite having more in life then anybody else, Jeremy wanted a normal life. He was always a bit of an outcast for being smarter than most people his age, and even if his wealth could have made him popular, being part of a school where everyone was rich, he didn't stand out.

He always wanted to have a normal family. One that sat together, talked and did mondaine things together, but his parents were always busy. Their life was constantly work related, whether it be working on the next project, attending conventions or benefit suppers.

His parents were eventually offered a job at Drake Industries and had to move to Philadelphia. Seeing an opportunity to start over where no one knew him, Jeremy asked his parents to send him to the regular High School. His parents were outraged at the thought, but thinking it would be a good experience for their son to see how common folks lived, they agreed to let him try it out.

Jeremy attended Philstate High School where he met Tim Solomon and the two became quick friends.

Tim Solomon eventually became the super hero known as Voltage, after an incident at Drake Industries had opened a portal to an alien world. As the denizens of that world sought to escape the destruction of their planet, they sent their spirit energies through a portal which Drake industries had managed to open. The denizens of that world, Hyperia, were elemental beings and when one of their spirits came into contact with Tim and merged with him, Tim was granted elemental abilities. 

Many of the Hyperian spirits found host to possess, but some did not. One of them was Gaim, a Hyperian spirit that could control water. Since he was just a young spirit he didn't know what was expected of him. He tried to ask the humans he met for help, but people saw him as a ghost and ran away from him, terrified.

Jeremy found Gaim in an alleyway. He didn't find the strange spirit threatening and seeing that his life force was fading, Jeremy took him home. He then told his friend Tim about the strange spirit and when Tim recognized the being as a Hyperian, he told his friend to bond with it. 

Jeremy wasn't sure what Tim meant by that, so Tim revealed his secret. He told him that he was Voltage and that he had received his powers after joining with a Hyperian. He also told him that if he didn't join with it, the spirit would eventually die.

Jeremy asked Giam if he was indeed going to die, and Giam replied that he needed a body to survive but unlike most of his people, he would not take one that already belonged to someone unless it was offered. Seing that the spirit was a good soul, Jeremy gave him permission to share his body. As the two merged, Jeremy felt the power inside him. The power of a water Hyperian.

When he moved to this new city, Jeremy had wanted a change in his life, but he never thought that he would become a superhero.


Hydrokinesis: Having received the power of a water Hyperian, Aqua Siege can manipulate water in a variety of ways. He not only manipulates the water around him but can also generate his own. Through this technique, he is able to ride waves he creates and essentially surfs his way around. The water does not drench the people he surfs over because he automatically recycles it as he surfs. He can reach surfing speeds of around 40 mph.

Power lift: Using water pressure, he can move objects weighing many tons.

Barrier: He can build walls of water around him, which can deflect certain projectiles.

Elemental blast: He can attack using water pressure and expell concentrated jets of water.

Underwater breathing: He can breath under water by trapping air around him.

Weaknesses: Water being an excellent conductor for electricity, he personally avoids being near it, but working with his best friend, Voltage, can be harrowing, at times.