Character- Arogya 

Created by: Heroineburgh

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Other appearances:

Heroineburgh Episodes 11, 13 

Episodes 15, 17 and 20

Arogya live


A.K.A: Arogya the Healer
Real Name:
 Maitreyi Gupta
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Age: 27

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Dr. Maitreyi "Marty" Gupta is a researcher in genetic biology at the University of Pittsburgh.

After a dark-energy meteor explosion irradiated the city, she discovered she had the power to alter any biological animal tissue, both her own and that of others.
She tested her powers on her roommate and on an injured man on the campus.

Then she created a tight black-and-gold costume with the Hindi "A" on her chest, and declared herself to be the superheroine, Arogya the Healer.

After thwarting an attack by a deranged scientist who had become the toxic villainess Chlorina, she joined the new Pittsburgh Heroine League and became their medical consultant. She wears a mask, and her civilian identity is secret.


Biokinesis:  Arogya can alter biological animal tissue, both her own and that of other organisms, including humans.

Healing factor: She can heal herself, as well as others, of most wounds,
 and can cure many diseases displayed by other people.

Transform: She can alter her physique to a limited extent.

Energy drain: As a living storage battery of biological energy, she is able to drain negative energy out of others and draw it into herself, dissipating its effect.

Enhanced vitals: She also has a level of strength about triple that of a normal woman, caused by her enhancement of her own musculature.

Weaknesses: Continuous or large-scale physical harm can impair or overwhelm her ability to heal herself and others.

Absorbing too much negative energy can render her unconscious or harm her physical body if she is unable to dissipate it quickly enough.

She is susceptible to mental attacks which can affect her ability to concentrate on her healing powers.