Character- Chlorina 

Created by: Heroineburgh

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Other appearances:

Heroineburgh Episodes 11

Episodes 18 and 22

Live action Chlorina:

Real Name: Clare Morena
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Age: 28

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Dr. Clare Morena was a brilliant research scientist working in the bioengineering department at the University of Pittsburgh. She specialized in the field of animal cloning, but her main goal was to begin human cloning experiments with the aim of developing resistance to disease, climate change, and environmental toxins.

She tried to enlist the help of genetic biologist, Dr. Maitreyi Gupta, in her research, but was roundly rejected for ethical reasons.

When the dark-energy meteorite bombarded the city, Clare was caught in the blast area and was exposed to its radiation. It transformed her, and she gained the power to ingest and control toxic substances. Unfortunately, it also made her deranged, as it increased her ambitious nature to extreme levels.

Dubbing herself the "super villainess, Chlorina, mistress of toxins", she decided to take over the university lab to being production of an army of human clones. Her attempt, however, was thwarted by Dr Gupta, who had also been transformed by the meteorite, into Arogya, the Healer.

After her failed attempt, Chlorina tried to stay one step ahead of the law, moving her lab from place to place and committing crimes to acquire funding.

While stopping to ingest detergent in a laundromat, she battled Vendetta and Darbouka to a standstill.

She, then, captured Savanna and Panthyra to sample their superhuman genes for cloning experiments, but was interrupted by a rescue conducted by Frija and Fianna.

Chlorina's latest foray into crime was an attempt to pilfer chemicals from Carnegie Mellon, but she was confronted by Arctica.

Despite her many defeats, Chlorina continues to use her incredible intellect for the evil purpose of creating a superpowered clone army to help her dominate the city.  She has also become an auxiliary member of the Black Faction, so they may assist her in achieving her goal.


Toxin immunity: Chlorina can ingest any toxic chemicals and is thus impervious to any poison.

Poison: She can emit any toxin as a directed gas vapor, for example hydrochloric acid to dissolve flesh, or chloroform to knock someone out.

Mind control: She can emit a special gas concoction which can control the mind of anyone within range for a limited time, turning them into her loyal 'henchmen'. 

Enhanced intelligence: She has a genius-level intellect when it comes to conducting experiments in chemistry and biology.

Weaknesses: She has no fighting skills and will flee if she cannot overwhelm her opponent with toxins.

Her obsession with conducting her experiments has become all-encompassing, overtaking all other considerations in her life.

Paraphernalia: Carries chemical vials for ingestion and emission.