Character- Avenging Rainbow
Avenging Rainbow

Created by:  Matthew Duvall

Other Picture: 
               Avenging Rainbow full body

First appearance:
Guardians of Creation #1


Real Name: Matthew Duvall
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 10 inches 
Age: 28
Country of origin: Planet Trisen in a country very similar to Norway

Ethical alliance: Good


Matthew was born on Trisen, a world very similar to Earth. Born with energy manipulation powers in addition to being gay, many considered him a mutant in more ways than one. Even his parents had a hard time coping with him and by the time he reached his late teens, his parents had kicked him out of their house.

Alone and with nowhere to go, he lived homeless in the big city, relying on his powers to get by, and it was on one such occasion that he met Queen B, a drag queen super heroine. He had just taken out a couple of thugs bent on giving a beating to a young effeminate man when Queen B had joined him. She had been on her way to stop the assault but Matthew had taken care of it by the time she arrived. Queen B thanked him for having protected one of her "people" and upon learning that he too was part of the marginalized, she offered to give him a place in her super group, the B-Hive, a tightly-knit team and support group to many other LGBTQ heroes.

Having finally found a home where he was accepted as he was, Matthew became a hero to many. Taking the name Avenging Rainbow, he and the B-Hive dispensed justice to those who needed it. But his time as a hero took a different turn when Trisen was invaded by the Naciusofti. His fight to protect the marginalized changed to that of protecting the world.

The invasion was brutal and most of his friends were killed in the fighting. The line between hero and villain disappeared as all of Trisen united against the new threat, but try as they might, the battle was in vain. Their world had fallen. 

He, as well as a handful of heroes, managed to escape the massacre. With the aid of the elemental sorcerer, Rift Walker, they were transported to a strange new world called Earth. Strangely enough, Earth turned out to be eerily similar to Trisen and it too had a marginalized LGBTQ population.

Still carrying the sorrow of loss, Matthew would make new friends in the years to come. Sworn to uphold the defenseless and the oppressed, he continues his battle of justice.


Energy manipulation: Avenging Rainbow can manipulate light and use it in various forms.

Energy blast:
 He can direct the energy to create blasts capable of toppling down most structures.

Sensory control: He can use the energy to cause blindness and dissorientation.

Enhanced reflexes: His powers also enhance his speed and reflexes.

Flight: Avenging Rainbow can fly and reach supersonic speed.

Appearance: Avenging Rainbow often displays a rainbow hue when he uses his powers.