Character- Baby New Year
Baby New Year

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 

Art by Joe de Santos 

First appearance:
Irongate Universe #8

Real Name: Chuck
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 36.5 inches
Age: 40

Nationality: No specific nationality, as he represents all cultures

Ethical alliance: Evil


Beyond the realms of men exists a place where gods and magical beings are born. As to what this realm is called, the answer is not a simple one. This realm is ancient, and it has as many names as there are beings inhabiting it. That is because each god wishes to be supreme, and none would accept a name other than the one they wish to use. And so, for the time being, let us simply call it the God Realm.

The beings in this realm come in various form, size and purpose. Some are created by others beings, while many just spring forth independently. How their purpose is assigned, however, is still a mystery, but Baby New Year's purpose was determined as doing what all Baby New Years did, bring in the New Year.

As the year progresses, Baby New Year would grow to become Father Time, but this BNY was different. He didn't want to smile and be pleasant. He preferred to cause chaos. Instead of milk, he drank beer, and by the end of the yearly festivities, he had gotten into several fights, and put many party goers into the hospital.

The previous BNY, now called Father Time, had tried to stop him, but was overwhelmed, and then the unthinkable happened; BNY killed Father Time. BNY knew there was no going back and hid among men. He could not return to the God Realm because he knew, that were he to do so, the Forces of Retribution would come after him.

For a time, he hid in an orphanage and was eventually adopted, all the while pretending to be a toddler. And after enough time had passed, and he felt it was safe to go out, he left his adopted family and set out on his own.

He survived through petty crimes, stealing, and always getting away with it. After all, he was just a kid, but as the years went by, his drinking became worse and out of control. He got into fights so often that the police began to suspect that the reports of a toddler with superhuman strength causing mayhem were actually true.

It was then that BNY was approached by a cloaked figure, though the cloak did little to hide the being's identity. BNY knew who he was. After all, mystic beings know other mystic beings. He asked Krampus what he wanted, and Krampus told him that he wanted to form a group of beings that would make people rethink holidays and not consider them to be such a good thing.

BNY liked the idea, but would accept the offer on one condition; as long as Krampus provided the alcohol and cigars, he was in.


Super strength: BNY has super strength, and he can lift around 40 tons.

Indestructibility: His body is resistant to most forms of attacks, bordering on the semi indestructible.

Extended life span: Baby New Year does not age physically, so he is stuck in his toddler form.

Enhanced intelligence: He was born with vast knowledge, and knows much about this world and its people.

Super jump: He can do impressive jumps and cartwheels.

Weaknesses:  He has been injured by some energy weapons.