Character- Blitz

Created by: Chris V

Other pictures: Blitz in action

First appearance: Victory #6

Real Name: Bem Nackiss
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
 5 foot 8 inches
Age: 27
Born in: Africa

Ethical alliance: Good


Bem displayed his super human abilities when he was a child. In fear that the people in his village would ostracize or try to hurt him, Bem's family decided to leave Africa to go to America. But before he left, Bem wanted to convince his people that he was a good person. He got his chance when three super powered humans tried to take over the village.

Without hesitation, he faced them and quickily took them down.  His people thanked him and praised him for his efforts, eventually setting aside their misgivings towards him. Now, Bem patrols between worlds keeping a close watch on Africa and America as the speedster, Blitz.

As Blitz, he uses his super powers to help all over the world, fighting villains and injustice. Often, he would simply do ordinary deeds to help simple folks.

One day, Blitz stumbled upon a battle between Bloodwing and and the villainous speedter, Quickdead. Thinking Bloodwing was in trouble, Blitz rushed to save him and permanently absorbed Quickdead's speed.

Impressed by his heroics and by Blitz's attitude towards the world, Bloodwing offered him full membership to the group Hero Corp.


Speed: Blitz is a speedster who can run at speeds of around Mach 115 (87 000 mph).

Energy absorption: A side effect of his speed allows him to absord the energy of friction and of G-force. This enables him to negate their effects on people other than himself, but by concentrating the effect on other speedsters, he can absord their own speed into himself, rendering them weakened or even totally without power. In turn, the energy he has absorbed remains within him, making him faster.

Healing factor: His sped up metabolism also affects his immune system, making him heal at an accelerated pace.

Weaknesses: Despite being super human, he is still vulnerable to guns and other forms of weaponry. Also, his healing power doesn't allow him to regrow limbs.