Character- Bunny Hop
Bunny Hop

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 
Art by Joe de Santos 

First appearance:
Irongate Universe #8

Real Name: Bonnie Clyde
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Age: 26

Born in: USA
Ethical alliance: Evil


Bonnie was born in a very religious family, and raised by her single mother. As she got older, Bonnie was a handful and rebelled ever chance she could. Her mother did not approve when, after high school, Bonnie decided to go into modelling and later became a Playboy Model.

Although she had been a devout Christian, her mother had a secret, which she had hoped would never come out. She had been tricked into sleeping with the Easter Bunny. He had taken on a human form and had done what most rabbits tend to do, multiply. Needless to say, the egg he left her came around 9 months later.

Bonnie eventually learned the truth, when she confronted her mother and asked her to explain the weird things that were happening to her.  She had noticed that fur kept growing near her tailbone and whiskers had started to sprout near the sides of her mouth. Fortunately, she never actually grew the long ears, but these changes  were enough to ruin her modelling career.

Soon after, she began to display other special gifts, like leaping long distances. She also learned that she could create eggs and fill them with a unique form of energy. This energy gave the eggs various properties, some even lethal.

She decided to use these gifts to get back at the Easter Bunny for having ruined her chance at a promising career. She, too, would ruin his good name by messing up people's Easter, and she began doing so by replacing his Easter eggs with her own.

Unsuspecting egg hunters would see her glowing eggs and think the Easter bunny had left them, but would soon learn the errors of their way. All over the city, explosions could be heard, while Bonnie smiled at the mischief she had caused.

This kind of mischief, however, made her have a visit from the creature known as Krampus. He told her that if she joined his Holiday Horde, he would help her hone her gifts and enable her to create even more mayhem. 

Bonnie agreed to his proposal, and as a reward, Krampus told her he suspected that she had a half-brother who went by the name, Jack Rabbit. Krampus had asked him to join his cause, but Jack Rabbit had refused.


Constructs: Bunny Hop can create eggs and imbue them with a unique type of energy, giving them various properties. 

Time travel:
 Bunny Hop can use her Time Hop eggs to hop back in time by 20 -30 secs, enabling her to change certain outcomes. 

Super jump: She can also jump long distances.