-Support Character-

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Cammi Fulton
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot 9 inches

Age: 26
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Cammi is a waitress at Sleazy Larry's strip club. It is a job she hates but it pays the bills. Cammi has a strange group of friends whom she feels are a bunch of idiots. Lex is a lecherous idiot who always hits on her but fails. Rex is a child minded idiot with a short attention span. Tiffany who strips at the club she works at is a bubbly idiot and John, her twin brother, is a pot smoking, beer drinking, foul mouthed idiot. As for Cammi? She considers herself normal.

Cammi may think of herself as normal, but her jealousy is legendary and her taste in men is at times....questionable. When some female rival tries to hook up with her twin brother John, she takes it upon herself to get his attention by showing some skin or even full on flirt with him. She believes her brother should be with someone like her... or in Cammi's case.. herself.

Cammi's pride in herself can be troublesome especially when it comes to her friend Tiffany. She gets annoyed when Tiffany goes all bubbly and randomly shows off her body and her large breasts. Lex often mocks her about it and often he gets punched in the face for it.

Cammi is a normal woman but when strange things happen to her she seems to develop some weird kinds of abilities or acts in the weirdest of ways. Lex is immune to injury, however, when he annoys her, Cammi can punch him hard enough to give him black eyes. When the aliens hit her with their "Heart On beam", she went full sex-on-lust....on her twin brother John. Rex's stupidity gets her into a frenzy and drives her nuts. Tiffany saying her breasts are bigger than hers, well, it pisses her off. But one day, when she was hit by an A.F.M. beam, she swapped bodies with Lex and Lex used her body to win a wet T-shirt contest. This made Cammi realize that she had the ability to make herself more sexy and perhaps be on par with her rival Tiffany. 

Yes, you can say she tolerates her friends.

All of them also live under the same roof. A place  where the strange and the unexplained is a normal part of their life. If it isn't the A.F.M. aliens shooting them with weird alien beams, it's random enemies showing up. At times, its hard for Cammi to maintain her cool.


Cammi has no special abilities only strange happenings during strange circumstances.