Character- Lex
Lex Morgan

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Lex Morgan
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Height: 5 foot 11 inches

Age: Undisclosed
Country of Origin: Undisclosed but somewhere in the future

Ethical alliance: Good


Lex Morgan isn't your normal super hero. In fact, he flunked out of Super Hero University with his pal Rex Davidson. Lex and Rex were future babies along with some of the students in the school. His father, Mr Hero, aka Dean Hero of the University, had a one night stand with an unknown woman he saved, but worried about his reputation and his wife finding out, he had the baby warped into the future to a Baby Drop Center, where, when the time was right, he would be able to retrieve the baby at anytime.

When Mr. Hero went to the center for a visit, Lex and Rex managed to sneak out through the portal and arrived at our current timeline.

Having inherited his father's abilities of flight and immunity to injury, he went to
Super Hero University but being not as bright as his father, he flunked out. He consoled himself in the fact that he didn't really want to do super hero stuff so as to not "steal the others' thunder". 

Lex did inherit another of his father's abilities, his lecherous ways. When Captain Earth did a scan of Lex's power he was literally shocked to find out that "raging sex machine" was an actual ability. And so, Lex and his friend Rex went to strip club and met a stripper named Tiffany and her waitress friend Cammi. Along with Cammi's fouled mouth twin brother, John, they all live together in the same household.

On one of his adventures, Lex gained a new ability when he was blasted by Aliens From Mars (A.F.M.) agents Mask and Sideshock's disintegration ray. The ray did not destroy him but did the opposite. It enhanced his strength.


Physical/energy resistances: Lex is virtually immune to injury, although he still manages to get black eyes from Cammi whenever he says something stupid towards her (which tends to be often). 

Enhanced vitals: Lex's stamina is quite impressive and is mostly demonstrated with his insatiable sexual appetite.

Super strength: His strength has been increased to the level where he can lift around 2 tons.

Flight: Lex can fly at multi Mach speeds.

Teleportation: Also referred to as "panel jumping", Lex breaks the fourth wall and jumps from comic panel into the next for quick transport.

Weaknesses: Lex's many weaknesses are often unique. He may be super strong and immune to injury but somehow, he still gets black eyes after getting hit by Cammi. Lex's stupidity is also his downfall. Unlike his dad, Mr. hero, whose intelligence is remarkable, Lex's is ... well not. He thinks outside the box making others question his method. Which often results in some messed up situations but ends up good in the end.