Character- Collosal Woman
Colossal woman

Created by: Scotty Freefall

First appearance: 
Battle Royale: Mistakes of the past

Name: Samantha DeVries
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 4 foot 11 inches to as much as 1000'6" 
Hair: Auburn
Age: 24

Born in: USA (Turkish background)

Ethical alliance: Evil


She received her power while working as a lab assistant to Dr. Brian Pierson. Dr. Pierson was trying to open a gateway to a fourth dimension but when he actually succeeded, the backlash of energy was too much for the machine to take and it was destroyed.  

Everyone in the room was enveloped by that dimensional energy, which, aside from granting amazing powers, took from its victims as well. Samantha lost her sanity that day and hasn't looked back since. She can no longer tell the difference from right and wrong but has immense fun destroying cities.

She has found herself a friend in Melody Grace, the frightening Fire Girl. 


Size changing: 
She has the power to grow from 4' 11" to 1,000 ft.

Super strength:  In battle, she can simulate super strength by increasing the density of her fists or feet before they hits their target. 

Her strength also multiplies immensely as she enlarges. At 12' she can lift upwards of 6000 lbs, at 25' she can lift 30 tons. Her maximum, however, is unknown.

Physical and energy resistance: As she grows she also becomes much tougher to injure. At 12' bullets cannot damage her but explosives can still easily penetrate skin if close enough. At 25' she is all but invulnerable to all but the strongest of armor-piercing weaponry.

Density Control: At normal stature, she can control her own body's density allowing herself to become immaterial at one moment and wholly invulnerable the next.

Gliding: Through density control, she can glide on air currents.

Weaknesses: Insanity. She changes her mood from sweet to murderous at the drop of a hat. It makes it hard to keep her in line and focused. At times, she is completely disconnected from reality.