Character- Fire Girl
Fire Girl

Created by: Scotty Freefall

First appearance: 
Short Story Fire Girl Origins

Name: Melody Grace
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot 3 inches 
Age: undisclosed

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Melody wasn't going to ever grow up to be what society wanted her to be, she just wasn't hardwired that way. She is a sociopath, and a very twisted one at that. When she was six she stabbed her older brother to death and when her parents found out and tried to call the police she took care of them too.

Being an insane killer roaming America might have been bad enough but while she was in Detroit murdering a family celebrating Christmas, a SWAT team busted in and took her down.

Shocked and enraged that this had happened, she focused deep down inside her. As she pulled at her hate, the officers burst into flames. The stress of pulling off such an act , however, resulted in her losing consciousness.

When she woke up, Melody found herself in the Dam, a prison for super powered criminals.

Freed from her prison by Mistress Menace, she shows her gratitude by serving on The Orogeny and murdering as many super-heroes as she can.


Heat generation: She can produce blasts of fire from her body with heat upwards of 35,000 degrees Celsius.

Pyrokinetic: She can control the size and shape of fire and uses it to manifest a pair of flaming wings. She can control fire to form flaming minions such as imps or lions and
 can also create simple weapons like swords or spears.

Flight: Can reach speeds of Mach 2.

Weaknesses: Headstrong and excitable. She will sometimes leap before she looks, especially when she is close to spilling blood.

Paraphernalia: Uses tracking devices to track her prey to their homes or sanctuaries in order to maximize her body count.

Her visor provides her the directions to follow the tracking device.