Character- Comminq

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Undisclosed
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6 foot

Age: Unknown
Country of Origin: Undisclosed

Ethical alliance: Evil


Comminq got her name from her abilities to speak to living and non living objects. What many people believe she has mental issues, but infact she actually communicating to the objects around her and they speak back to her. Her parents not knowing her abilities had her committed.

In the mental ward, Comminq witnessed the guards taking advantage of some of the female patients. It was during one of the incidents she found out not only can she talk to objects but she can manipulate them as well.

When it was Comminq's turn to receive the guards "visitation" , the door slammed on the guard and the bed came to life and trampled him to death.

Comminq escaped the mental hospital and returning to society with a confidence in herself with her new ability.

She joined the Misfits for Hire as Hoax's second in command.


Omnilinguilism: Comminq has the ability to communicate with a variety of living and inanimate objects. Objects, animals, plants and even microorganisms can also speak back to her. 

Technopathy: She can communicate with technology, machinery and complex objects such as making vehicles come to life on their own and rundown enemies or asking the security system of a prison to release all the prisoners. 

Animation: She also has the ability to make these objects come to life and attack her enemies.
 Though she cannot manipulate living organisms, she can manipulate their surroundings to make them appear as coming to life.

Weaknesses: Even though she is able to manipulate her surroundings, she is still vunerable to certain attacks. If she can't see it coming, she will get hit. Sometimes the objects warn her but often too late.