Character- Cop #1
cop 1

Created by: Samuel Bruch

Other Pictures: 
Cop #1  full body

First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Murphy Harris
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot/7 foot (in suit)

Age: 36
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Anti Hero


Murphy Harris was a high school football hero and a well known city figure but with the arrival super heroes, his popularity declined and he fell off the radar. The hero who had once been praised for having saved an entire bus of children, was now nothing more than another street cop.

Murphy's displeasure with this new situation was echoed by others and when police Sergeant Cameron decided that it was time to reclaim the glory days, Murphy signed up. From the Diamond Dome facility, the group acquired the means to even up the odds against the "supers" and they formed their own group, the Public Servants.

From the Diamond Dome, Murphy aquired the KB4-67B armored suit (aka) The Tin Can, a police prototype power suit developed to combat super powered criminals. Unfortunately, the suit's cost was deemed too high for mass production and the project was canned. Murphy would now put it to good use.


Power armor: The KB4-67B enhances strength, has energy weapons, and rocket powered boots. The suit also can translate 570 different languages, detailed maps of 139 cities, a vast knowledge of policy, and prints police reports based on events in real time.

Super strength: The suit enhances the wearer's strength enabling him to lift around 60 tons.

Energy blast: His armor allows him to discharge blasts of energy.

Flight: The armor enables him to fly with the aid of rocket powered boots.

Weaknesses: The suit is on a limited power. It also has no firewalls and could be hacked by a skilled hacker.