Team- Public Servants

  Cop #2  Cop #3    Firefighter 1   

Inactive/reserve members:

Ian Cohen 

Team founder: The Stag

Official team leader:  Cop #2

Membership: Open to new members

First appearance: Cop#2 Volume 1

Created by: Samuel Bruch


The Public Servants was formed by a group of government official who became sick and tired of playing second fiddle to the superheroes in Excelsior City.
These five public servants decided to use confiscated villain gear from the Diamond Dome to level the playing field and began to fight crime on their own terms.

Their actions changed forever how the world viewed public servants. They were turned into heroes by some while those who resented their tactics viewed them as no more than villains. But while they adapted to everything that represented the cat and mouse game played in the alleyways of Excelsior City, the paper pushing cleanup secretaries of old were now earning respect from the population.  respect and sometimes fear.

Membership requirements: Must be a public servant who hates heroes and villains. Firefighter, police officer, EMTs, may apply.