Character- Dr. Iniquitous
Dr Iniquitous

Created by: Scotty Freefall

First appearance:
Battle Royale: Prelude

Other Picture: Dr. Iniquitous full body

Name: Dr. Linsey Moore
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Hair: Brunette
Age: 27

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Lindsey Moore is a mad doctor in every sense of the word, her only reason to commit crimes is to pursue her own horrific science experiments. Although she is sadistic, she doesn't consider it evil, just a means to an end. The end however is a way to make herself all powerful. She experiments solely on super powered people while trying to unlock the secrets to activate those powers in her. 

She found her outlet for her experimental sadism by joining with Mistress Menace in forming The Orogeny. Her main goal with the group is to capture and experiment on new and diverse superhumans. A task she takes great joy in.


Enhanced intelligence: She possesses a genius-level intellect and has a photographic memory. At birth, she was able to use 10% more of her brain than the average person. She is able to process information faster and more efficiently than normal humans. She uses her knowledge to successfully synthesize powers from other superhumans that she tortuously experiments on. 

Regeneration*: She can regrow lost appendages. 

Toxin immunity*: C
an survive any toxin or disease.

Instant heal*: She can heal herself at an astonishing rate making most wounds close and heal near-instantaneously. 

Enhanced vitals*: Strength, speed, durability, and senses have been improved. 

Extended lifespan*: Also no longer can get sick or age, effectively making her immortal.

Teleportation*: Able to teleport herself as well as others up to 1,000 miles away as long as she can visualize the destination. Places she has already been to are much easier on her than those she has not and can be severely drained going to unknown location.

*Aside from her intelligence, all abilities she acquired were synthesized from her victims.

Weaknesses: To preserve the bodies of her victims she will hold back on using her full abilities in battle.

Paraphernalia: Uses a pair of frost gauntlets as her primary form of attack so that  she can take down an enemy without spoiling the specimen. The gauntlets can encase people in ice, throw ice shards and create simple objects like spears and surgeon's tools.