Character- Deathangel

Created by: Domestic Vamp

Real Name: Unknown
Hair: Black 
Eyes: White
 6 foot 7 inches
Age: Over 100 years old
Born in: Undisclosed

Ethical alliance: Neutral


With the arrival of the Dark Priest, many humans had their souls directly affected. Most of the infected ones perished, and of the few that survived, only a handful made it back to their normal state.

Those affected by the Dark Priest's mark acquired an anomaly in their souls. Controlled by a chaotic and killer instinct, the now known as the "Twisted" threaten a large part of North and South America, the major continents affected by the magic haze which emanated from the destroyed alien castle of the Dark Priest.

The Twisted  kill with a single purpose: to devour souls. But among these monsters, there is one exception.

Deathangel is one of the Twisted, but he is different. He has full control of his instincts and his soul, but even with that control, he proves to be quite wild and insane.

Captured in an arduous battle, Deathangel became a dangerous and great ally of Damage Inc, a military organization created by the governments of both Americas in order to hunt, destroy and study the Twisted plague. Deathangel's past is confusing, and his memories still aren't clear, but since he still looks human, siding with them seemed like the right thing to do. Still, although he aligned himself with the humans, unlike them who fight for their survival, Deathangel simply wants to have fun hunting monsters like him.

Deathangel has also shared his blood to create genetically modified soldiers with similar powers of the Twisted. These soldiers have full control of their capabilities but are less powerful than the Twisted.

Deathangel differs from the other Twisted in that he does not devour human souls. Also, while he seeks out the most exciting hunt, what Deathangel really wants above all else is to fight someone who can kill him.


Spiritual energy: By using the power of his soul, Deathangel can acquire countless types of skills and possibilities.

Adaptation: When Deathangel faces an enemy, his soul will gradually be released, increasing his physical benefits. Depending upon the type of enemy he faces, his soul will regulate his strength to match the strength displayed by his enemy.

Enhanced vitals: By releasing a grand part of his soul out of his body, Deathangel can strengthen himself, making his body 10 times more resistant, agile and stronger than the body of a normal human.

Transform: When Deathangel reaches a state of overload or is about to die, he can materialize his full infected monstrous soul out of his body. With a size of almost 108 meters, the monstrous soul of Deathangel, called the Servant, can subjugate virtually any target. This causes Deathangel to lose consciousness in the process.

Without consciousness, the Servant is a berserker and attacks mainly through brutal force. After the death of the target, the Deathangel soul returns to its owner, and he awakens.

Energy blast: His most catastrophic attack involves a spiritual energy blast expelled through his mouth.

Weaknesses: There is a limit to Deathangel's capacity of controling his soul energy. Even with great control, his body cannot support such power for long. As his soul power rise up, Deathangel's body starts to slowly overload. Deathangel is not always aware that he is reaching that point. The excitement of the battle and the strengthening of his body can cause him to be unaware that he is reaching critical point. When that happens, Deathangel is weakened to the point where he can't even move, and the Servant takes over.