Character- Detroit Justice
Detroit Justice

Created by: Scotty Freefall

Other Picture: Detroit Justice full body

First appearance: Battle Royale

Name: Erika Fisher
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Hair: Black
Age: 27

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Erika Fisher was the daughter to the commissioner of the Detroit Police Department. Growing up with a strong sense of morals and ethics as well as enough self defense classes to keep an overprotective father happy, she went on to study law in Rhode Island and got a doctorate.

All that came to a halt when she received a call informing her that her father had been murdered and that the police had no leads as to who his killer was.

Erika's father had formed relationships with many people over the years and he had been highly respected. The majority of these connections had been from the side of the law, but others not so much. One thing was sure, though, many of these people were in her father's debt and Erika decided that it was time to cash them in.

Knowing that the law could not help her find justice in this particular instant, she turned to a more questionable source. From these dark sources, she would find her father's killer and the means to exact her vengeance.

She took the life insurance money she received from the father's death and bought a powersuit from Davis Industries. She didn't know at the time that its president, Melissa Davis, was in fact the notorious, Mistress Menace but Mistress Menace was more than simply the leader of The Orogeny, she was also a business woman. She had no problem taking Erika's money.

Now equiped with a power armor, Erika took the name Detroit Justice and proceeded to act as a vigilante, shaking down anyone she could find who might have any leads on her father's killer.

After 3 weeks of non-stop hunting she had the killer trapped in an alley and assaulted him. She beat him until he was almost unrecognizable.

Her mother, shocked that her daughter had taken this vendetta to such an extent, intervened and took steps to reign her in. She made her see that if she were to continue on the path she was heading, she would tarnish the memory of her father. He had always placed the law before anything else.

Erika broke down as she realized she had strayed from her father's teachings and promised herself that she would make things right. She began the next day, abandoning her vengeful street vigilantism and started working with the police.

Now, a respected superhero with a reputation for being incorruptible, she is the current chairperson of The Paragons, the Primer superteam of Eastwater.


Power armor: Detroit Justice wears a power armor that more than doubles her already impressive strength, speed and agility.

Martial arts: Her father had her trained in the martial arts as well as police self-defence.

Force fields:
 She wears gauntlets that can generate force fields.

Weaknesses: EMP's can take down her armor.

She also gets angry easily and a smart enemy can capitalize on that fact during a fight.

Paraphernalia:  She wears gauntlets that can generate twin high resistance energy shields. Also carries random gadgets for crime-fighting.

Travels with a customized motorcycle to get around.