Character- Dr Frost
Dr Frost

Created by: Rodney Lockett 

First comic book appearance:
All-Winners Society #1 


A.K.A.: Kaneq
Real Name:
 Robert Gibson
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height:foot 1 inches
Age: 36

Born in: Canada 

Ethical alliance: Good


In the 1920's a ship sailed from Iceland to Canada but the ship was caught in a storm and got lost in the Canadian Arctic. As the crew slowly died from the cold, a woman, who had been pregnant at the time, gave birth. She had not been due for almost a months so had taken the chance to take the journey but the child had taken the worst possible moment to be born and had been premature. She died days later clutching her infant to her breast.

A group of Inuit hunters saw the trapped ship and went to investigate. They found the entire crew dead, except for the child who miraculously still lived. The child was covered in a frosty film and seemed to be asleep. Thinking he was the child of Akna, the goddess of fertility and childbirth, the Inuit people took him and raised him. They named him Kaneq, meaning frost and as he grew older, their belief that he was indeed Akna's child became certainty when he displayed his control of the ice and snow.

But although Kaneq loved his people, he longed to see the world, starting from the place where he was found. He eventually left his village and set out to find his birthplace, which he did. His mother's body was still there, frozen solid. She had been holding a purse with papers and various items, so he took them. It would be his only link to his true past.

After that, he continued to wander the frozen wastelands. He eventually met other Inuit tribes and crossed into some Canadian communities where he stayed a few years and eventually learned English. Now fluent in the language, he re-examined the contents of his mother's purse, which he had been carrying for years, and read his mother's diary. He learned that his parents had intended to call him Robert.

Kaneq never stayed too long in any one place. The cold always called him back so he resumed his treck Northward until he had travelled to the edge of the North and eventually stumbled on the Aleutian Islands west of Alaska. The sight that greeted him was, to say the least, chilling. A joint American/ Canadian offensive was fighting Japanese forces. This was when he learned that the world was at war and the war had reached the borders of the North, his home.

Kaneq, now going by the name Robert did not know which side to take so he waited and watched. At the end of the battle, he found himself surrounded by US troups. He had seen what their guns could do, so he did not take any chance and froze their weapons before they could fire them. But that had not been their intention. They had simply been curious about how a young man barely dressed could survive the intense cold. His display of ice powers raised their curiosity even more.

Since he obviously was not Japanese, they did not treat him as an enemy but questioned him nonetheless. Robert did not hide the truth about himself and offered to help them join the fight in this war. The US troups were glad to have a super powered individual in their ranks, and news soon reached the higher echelons.

It was then that Robert got a visit from government officials who informed him that the Axis power were building a team of super powered individuals to help them win the war. They wanted to know if Robert could help them form their own. He agreed and took on the name Dr Frost.

Within a few months, the Axis powers learned the US had form their own super powered team, the All-Winner's Society.


Cryokinetics: Dr Frost has the ability to freeze water particles in the air into high density ice. 

Elemental blast: He can project cold beams from his hands to freeze objects, such as an opponent's weapon.

Constructs: He also has the ability to create objects of various sizes as well as create water slides which he uses to propel himself. He can raise thick walls of high density ice that can even resist most attacks.

Levitation: By creating pillars of ice beneath him, he can raise himself to new heights.

 He can raise defensive barriers that can stop most projectiles or explosions and can encase himself in a shell of extremely high density ice which does not hinder his movements and acts as armor.

Weaknesses: Since his ability requires moisture to be effective, his ice powers are substantially weakened in hot and dry environments.