Team- All-Winners Society 
Current Members:

Blaque Onyx  Carrie A Gunn  Forcible  Lumberjax  Maiden Japan  Maiden USA  

Nyte Fyter  Shadow Hero  statik

Golden Age Members:

Doc Eclipse  Doctor Spectral  Dr Frost  Leading Man  Minute Girl  Philly Blunt    

Radium Ray  Silver Ghost  Texas two gunn  

Team founder: Dr Frost

Official team leader: Maiden USA

Membership: Open to new members

First appearance:
All-Winners Society #1 

Other Pictures:

Created by:
 Rodney Lockett

AWS Logo     
The All-Winner's Society was formed at the beginning of WWII to counter the Axis power's own team, the Society of Evil.  The US government asked Dr Frost to seek out other super individuals and bring them together so that they could bring a quicker end to the war and hopefully reduce the loss of life.

After the War ended, the group decided to continue to stay together and help protect the world.

Many heroes have come and gone, but All-Winners Society is still going strong today.

Membership requirements: In order to join the Golden Age version of the group, The character must be living during the years 1939-1945 and possess a Golden or Silver Age look to his costume.

To join the current version of the group, the costume may be contemporary.