Character- Dr War
Dr War

Created by: Samuel Bruch

Other Pictures: 
Dr War full body

First comic book appearance:
Magilicutty #2


Real Name: Undisclosed
Hair: Undisclosed
Eyes: Ever changing
Height: 6 foot

Age: Undisclosed
Country of Origin: Unknown but rumored to be in Scotland

Ethical alliance: Evil


When American Way hit the scene, it attracted a force that was growing in Europe for many years. Not much is known about the elusive Dr. War, except that he has been around for a very long time and he is very intelligent and knowledgeable about matters of war.

Over the years, Dr War has amassed an army, military gear and artillery. He is drawn to challenges, and is always 500 steps ahead. Dr War is the most well known and feared villain in the world and, in combat, even if American Way is a superior physical specimen, he is nearly always bested.

Dr. War lives and operates in a pocket dimension that orbits around Excelsior City. This pocket dimension is known as "The War Facility or War Zone" and it is there that he creates and stores his massive arsenal. Dr War also shares his arsenal with his honor guard, all of which are enhanced with bio-artillery of his own design.


Power accessory: Dr War possesses an arsenal of weapons as well as advanced technological and bio-mechanical apparatus.

Military training:
He is skilled in various forms of advanced fighting techniques and weapons.

Super strength: He has enhanced strength enabling him to lift around half a ton.

Clairvoyance: His bio-mechanical enhanced brain enables him to predict outcomes and possibilities, thus granting him near future sight.

Energy blasts: Many of his weapons are equiped with powered blasts.

Teleportation/Cross-dimensional travel: Dr War can teleport and travel from his dimension to ours.

Accuracy: He is also a master marksman.

Extended lifespan: Although no one is quite sure how old he is, there are rumors that he has been around as long as war has been. 

Weaknesses: Hasn't displayed any.

Paraphernalia: Dr War possesses 
massive amounts of artillery and technology. He also carries his trusty pistols named Belli and Animo, as well as a bullet proof armor that can withstand massive impact without a scratch.